Send Your “Used” Running Shoes To The Philippines…Not To Other Countries!

1 12 2008

Yes, send your “used” running shoes to Bald Runner of the Philippines and not to Africa and other countries.

It was timely that I received donated slight “used” and “used” running shoes from Good Samaritan and supporters of my Project Donate A Shoe for the month of November. The following were so kind enough to support this advocacy for the month of November 2008:

1) Wayne Plymale aka SFrunner, who arrived to the Philippines for a brief visit on the 2nd week of November, donated a slightly used ASICS Landreth running shoes.

2) Amado Castro, a businessman who daily practices his skills as a race walker at the ULTRA Oval Track, donated two (2) running shoes.

3) Charlie Chua, a runner and a RP Dragon Boat Team member, donated three (3) pairs of his old running shoes which are slightly used.

4) Del Quevedo of Walnut, California, who sent a Balikabayan Box filled with Road Race Finisher’s T-shirts, running apparel, and twenty-eight (28) pairs of “used” but still reliable running shoes.

After the MILO National Finals Marathon, our Project Donate A Shoe Booth was established along the sidewalk at the side of the Quirino Grandstand and luckily, we were not “bumped-off” this time!!!.

The following pictures speak for the need of our runners for those “used” running shoes from the more fortunate runners and from those Good Samaritan and our running friends across the seas.


This is a group of people and runners who lined up for screening before they are finally given the donated shoes. Only legitimate runners were given the donated shoes.


I had to request Coach Salazar to properly screen the recipients as more people were lined-up than the number of running shoes to be given.


Finally, this runner is finally parting from his old shoes after using them for the past 5 years!


This young runner is smiling knowing his ?????? shoes is going to be replaced with a better one.


Manong, you are using a different shoes not appropriate for running! This guy is 71 years old and he is still running strong. After he received his “new” shoes, he was still looking at his old shoes as if he did not want to part ways with them which he had been using since 2001.


This is one of the top runners from Sta. Rosa, Laguna whose old shoes were full of adhesive “rugby” glue on the sole and upper mesh parts of his shoes.


This runner is 76 years old and the oldest recipient of the donated shoes. He finished the 10K MILO Run.


Standing beside me is Mr Ben Capili, a retired Colonel of the Philippine Air Force who is based in Chicago, USA. He usually comes here to the country during winter time in the USA. He is also involved in the same project where he brings home “used” running shoes to be distributed to the runners in his community.


These were the old shoes replaced by those shoes donated by DelQ, Amado Castro, & Charlie Chua. A million thanks to you and to the rest of my supporters in this Project Donate A Shoe.



5 responses

1 12 2008

I forget everytime but will certainly remember on Wednesday to bring my pair. TYhis is such a good thing you guys are doing and my heart goes out to those that love the sport but can’t afford even running shoes. Naniniwala ako sa kapakanan mo.

2 12 2008

Great Job brother, I was so touched by your mission. I will definitely bring my stuff and wish we could meet some other time. If God permits, I’ll join also your speed training or let’s see If well cross path… I’ll be in yakult 10 miler this sunday Dec. 7, 2008 or in the northface 20 kms on Jan 18, 2009.

God bless you.

2 12 2008

Congratulations Sir Jovie on your noble pursuit, I’m sure there’s more runners out there needing your shoes as well as donors (that includes me) who wants to help you..

3 12 2008

sir do you still accept donations for singlets and running shirts?

3 12 2008

philip, thanks for the donation. see you at the ULTRA this afternoon.

rfc, thanks for the support. it’s nice to see people’s smile when they receive something that they don’t expect.

sw, that’s true! we will keep on pursuing this advocacy.

ritchie, yes, we still accet your singlets and running shirts. thanks

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