Things Your Dad/Mom Forgot To Tell You About Marathon Running

…Assuming that your parents are seasoned marathon runners!

The following are the 13 rules of marathon running, principles which must be followed if you want to have a great race. These are things your Dad/Mom should have told you about, although if he/she had known you were going to become an avid marathon runner, he/she might have invested in counseling rather than inform you about training and sports-nutrition.

Rule #1—You should treat the marathon as a power race, not just a test of endurance.

Rule #2—If you are running about 35 to 40 miles per week (56 to 64 kms) and want to become a better marathoner, you should not simply add on more mileage.

Rule #3—You must optimize your lactate-threshold running speed (LTRS) before your marathon.

Rule #4—Plan your workouts so that you accomplish five key (5) tasks ( endurance, tempo runs, speed runs, recovery, & tapering) before race day.

Rule #5—Start the race slowly

Rule #6—Make your pre-marathon long runs “race-specific”.

Rule #7—Take in four (4) grams of carbohydrate per pound of body weight per day during your marathon training.

Rule #8—If you are female, schedule your marathon for the follicular phase of your menstrual cycle (the time period between the onset of menstrual flow and ovulation).

Rule #9—In spite of what everyone says, do not smear vaseline on your foot before the race begins.

Rule #10—Have a BM (Bowel Movement) before the race.

Rule #11—Do not run a race while bearing a child.

Rule #12—Stay away from ill people during the week after your race.

Rule #13—Rest for seven (7) days–with no running at all–after your marathon.

Reference: IAAF New Studies in Athletics Quarterly Journal. April 2007. page 86


3 thoughts on “Things Your Dad/Mom Forgot To Tell You About Marathon Running

  1. Thanks for posting this BR. Will keep these 12 rules (Rule #8 doesn’t apply to me anymore heh heh . . . ) in mind when I begin my marathon training probably next next year.

    It was great finally meeting you last Nov. 14. I was overly happy that I wrote a post about our brief but hilarious acquaintance in my blog. Do check it out when you’ve got the time.

    Nora, the golden girl


  2. My dad used to be part of the Athletics team in PMA, and he “failed” to tell me these things nga! hehehe! … Well, too late for #12! I watched a movie 3 days after the NB 25K race — Hayun! May ubo’t sipon and flu na tuloy ako ngayon! tsk tsk … Well, at least now I learned my lesson! :O) Thanks for the tips Sir Jovie!


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