Reminder: To The “Hardcore Group” & Future Fast Runners

18 11 2008

The “Free” Speed Training at the ULTRA Oval Track will start this afternoon at 5:30 PM and it will be followed with another one tomorrow at the same time and next Friday afternoon. Henceforth, this speed training will be done on the said days and time on a regular basis.

The speed training requires each runner to report in their running attire (leave your Ipods at home!). Each runner will be given a “diagnostic test” to determine your level of competency in running. Of course, you will be told to run at your race pace for a certain period of time. Capt Espejo will start from there out from the results of this test. For you to hear his instructions while you are running, again, you have to leave your Ipod at home. Aside from the instructions, Coach Salazar will remind you to hear the sound of your feet/shoes everytime they hit the ground/track.

For the other runners, you will learn also the technique of drinking of water from those cups while running. Your mentors will provide you with drinking water during the training.

Remember, our training is “low-tech”—no computers, no screens, no LCD projector, no Public Address System, & no comfortable chairs (you will be seating on the bleachers or on the track). This is a “personalized” training and your workout will be different from the other runners. That’s the reason why you are called “The Hardcores” or the “Road Warriors”.

Good luck! Lastly, this is FREE!!!



8 responses

18 11 2008

i attended the first session … thanks for this freebie running clinic BR 😛

18 11 2008

bards, i hope your coaches were able to teach you the “proper” way. run faster!

19 11 2008

sir jovie, pwede po ba mag join sa running clinic nyo beginner runners like me? I want to improve on my form and speed. Thanks sir jovie.

19 11 2008

broj, please join us and we welcome you to this clinic.

20 11 2008

hi sir jovie..
joined last night’s “quality” running clinic session with MS salazar and sir espejo. will join again this friday and pull some friends to be taught the proper way….i just can’t believe this is happening for free!!!..:) hope to see you in one of the sessions.

21 11 2008

oil3, you have to believe us that we are offering such activity “free of charge”. we want you to spread the news and relay these “training tips” to other runners, most especially to your relatives and members of the family. we believe that our future olympians are just there waiting for us to be trained and their running potentials to be discovered. see you this afternoon! good luck & run faster!

22 11 2008

sir jovie..thanks again for this clinic and it’s a pleasure finally meeting you..i’ll bring my “running relative” next week..:)… it’s my 2nd session and the techniques and tips are really working…i know it’s a long way for us but surely it starts with a single quick step..or stride … more power to you and team baldrunner.

26 11 2008

si jovie and team BR..
I just need to post this
1. I attended team BR session twice
2. I Ran the Nike route for the 2nd time through UNICEF
3. Time improved by 9 minutes
do the math..
Team BR brings quality outputs.
(pinagod ako ni coach mike.. 🙂 babawi ako.

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