Ok, thanks!… you bumped-off my booth again!

19 11 2008

I am wondering why my “Project Donate A Shoe” Booth had been picked by Race Organizers or their staff to be placed away from the vicinity of the other booths or near the stage. Is there preferential treatment to sponsors for the race? My booth is not getting any income and my staff is not engaged in business and we are wondering why these people had to drive my booth away from the initial place we had established before the start of the race.

Our booth is not actually a booth with a tent, table and chairs but only a “tarpualin”  being tied on two posts which serves as a background for our photo-ops in case we have donors of used shoes. Our booth is an advocacy and not a business entity. For the past three road races, our booth had been advised to leave the vicinity or near the other commercial booths or booths of the race organizers and sponsors.

We just kept silent about these incidents during race days as we didn’t want to argue with the race organizers and their sponsors. We didn’t want them to be disturbed in acquiring more income to their outfits and businesses. I am just wondering how much does a sponsor pay or contribute to the sports organizer in a particular road race? Last Sunday, it was okey for us to be positioned, after being bumped-off again, near the rows of the portalets. Despite such location, my runners, donors, friends, and other runner bloggers still came to the booth and we were happy to trade and exchange our experiences during the race.

So, next time, if you don’t see my booth/”tarpualin” near the stage or along the rows of booths of sponsors, we could be just around the corner of the block or along the sidewalk. Please, be patient to look around and you will find us.



3 responses

19 11 2008

I actually was curious how you get to have an area/booth. Forum members are also asking for a booth for Takbo.ph for a miniEB after every race. I guess I have to learn from this.

19 11 2008

Hi BR!

It’s sad to hear this. Perhaps it’s commercialism or some organizers just don’t get the values, principles you stand for

22 11 2008

This is just one of the harsh realities of life that we have to contend with. Don’t worry BR. I’m sure the shoe donors will look for you wherever you are. You’re one great person with a great cause. Hopefully someday I could be part of this endeavor.

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