184 Days: Another Trail Run & Track Run

4 10 2008

I had a brief trip outside Metro Manila for business purposes towards the Southern Tagalog area on the evening of Wednesday. I was not able to run on Thursday as I had to meet some people the whole day. On the early morning of Friday, I was able to run a distance of 8.2 kilometers on the trail in one of the mountains in Quezon Province. It was a slow run but I was able to sweat it out and flex my running legs even if I was on a business trip.

I arrived Metro Manila at midnight last night and decided to have a brief run at the ULTRA Oval track on the early morning of the following day. So, this morning, I started my slow run at the track at 6:20 AM and ran with one of the military athletes having his training runs with 5 laps as warm-up run and the rest of the laps were consistent pace of 4:50 mins/km to 5:30 mins/km. I was able to run 8.95 kilometers in 47:50 minutes with an average pace of 5:20 min/km. My Average/Maximum Heart Rate was 151/162 bpm.

Tomorrow, I am going to participate in the “Hope In Motion 3” 10K Run at Ayala Alabang. I promised to one of the Happy Feet members last August that I will run on this race as a reason for me to see Ayala Alabang for the first time. I’ve read posts of bloggers and heard stories of runners about the wide and challenging roads (due to its uneven terrain) of the subdivision and this will be a chance to confirm the information I got and received. I don’t intend to see the terrain of the route a day before the race and just expect that this run will be a part of my training for the incoming Milo Marathon Finals on 30 November. I am planning to run another 10K after the race or maybe go through the route twice tomorrow in order to complete a 20K run.

Race strategy for tomorrow? A consistent pace of 5:00 mins/km for the whole 10K race would be a decent goal but having a finish time of sub-50 minutes would be a better goal.



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4 10 2008

Hi BR. See you at the Hope in Motion 3 tomorrow. Im also thinking of running it twice too. But with a lot of acquiantances at this event, I might end up doing long conversations instead of long runs. 😀

6 10 2008

Hi BR,

Please help us spread the word:

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