186 Days: “Rain Won’t Stop Me”

5:50 AM 01 October 2008

The rain briefly stopped when I decided to have my oval track run at ULTRA. But when I approached the premises of the PSC/DECS compound, it started to rain and it got stronger when I reached the Grandstand of the Oval Track. I was surprised to see a lot of runners doing their workout while it was raining. After a short stretching and warm-up exercises, I joined the group of runners at the track.

I was able to run a distance of 13.19 kilometers in 1:07:50 hours while it was raining.

8 thoughts on “186 Days: “Rain Won’t Stop Me”

  1. sundaywarrior

    As my former running mate once told me, it’s “rain or rain” during our scheduled runs at UP every sunday some years back. Now I got that habit too and no rain can stop us from doing our thing…


  2. Hi, BR! It was also raining yesterday, when I ran my very first 8.4K! After I ran under the heavy rains at the MILO race, rain no longer stops me from running. I guess every running addict runs whatever the weather condition is. Our motto–“Rain or Storm, tuloy ang takbo!”


  3. markfb

    Hi Br,

    Charlie and I ran on that day too. We went to Fort Bonifacio instead. We did a slow run but I increased my pace towards the last 3km of the target 16km. I wore my vibram five finger, first time for this distance. Its really like running barefoot. Check it out, you might want to get one for yourself. Regalo na lang ng kids mo sa yo. : ) http://www.vibramfivefingers.com I got the kso model.


  4. sfrunner

    Hey BR, it looks like SF is going to get a little rain tonight (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday morning). I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s run. I hope it’s a combination of light rain, showers and heavy rain just I can prepared for my training runs in the Philippines.

    I agree with Mark on the pace for the 13K. You were moving! Take care and I’ll see you guys soon (and with the Asics donated shoes).


  5. kingofpots

    sundaywarrior, when i was running that day, the “runners” of coach rio of UP and coach elma muros of JRC were running disregarding the strong rains and wet track. i really like the attitude of the coaches and their runners.

    nora, running under the rain is quite an experience and i am glad you like the feeling of running under the rain.

    markfb, i am glad you are getting back with your long runs. i’ve seen the ads of that kind of shoes in the US. i’ll try to have a second look at the shoes. i am trying to be serious with my speed runs after almost one year of endurance runs and hope i’ll improve my time slowly but surely.

    loony, thanks. i hope i can sustain my speed runs after almost one year of endurance runs.

    wayne, running under the rain is a nice experience. thanks and hope to see you during your visit here in the country.


  6. loonyrunner

    now that you have improved aerobic capacity because of those long runs, its just apt that you now focus on speed… which would develop stronger muscles, better coping mechanisms for lactate build-up… that would eventually help improve speed up your pace for the long runs! I’m hoping this model will work for me too 😀


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