Tempo Run (Sep 08-1) & Gym Workout

5:42 PM 03 September 2008 (1st Tempo Run For The Month)

I did a tempo run around the streets in the neighborhood where one loop of my pre-designated course has a distance of 2.73 kilometers. I did the 1st loop at an easy pace, averaging at 6:23 minutes per kilometer with a lap time of 17:28 minutes. For the 2nd and 3rd loop, I increased my pace with an average of 5:21 minutes per kilometer with a finish time of 29:24 minutes. I reduced my pace on the 4th & last loop with an average of 6:02 minutes per kilometer, finishing in 16:30 minutes. I ended my running workout with an additional 410 meters with a fast average pace of 4:48 minutes per kilometer.

I was able to run a total timed distance of 10.94 kilometers with a total time of 1:03:22 hours.

At 7:45 PM, my son and I went to Gold’s Gym for a 1 1/2-hour workout. I did core-strengthening exercises using the different abs and back muscle machines inside the gym. I was not able to count how many sets of 100 repetitions of abs exercises and back muscle extension exercises I did during the duration of our stay in the gym. I did some leg strengthening exercises for the knees and hamstrings with the Zero Machines before ending my workout.


2 thoughts on “Tempo Run (Sep 08-1) & Gym Workout

  1. markfb

    How’s your garmin 305 so far? I just got mine replaced due to peeling rubber on the sides. Great workout, Im just going to start running again next week. : )


  2. kingofpots

    markfb, my GF 305 is ok. it needs to be completely charged before using for my long runs on the mountain trails. you need to erase the recorded data from the watch on a regular basis to make it more reliable. i am glad you are back on your running again. i suggest you train and finish your 1st marathon so that you’ll be qualified for the ultra event i am planning to conduct on april or june 2009. good luck and see you soon!


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