Thai Massage

Last night, my kids brought me to the Pho-Siam Thai Spa to have our body massage in preparation for our participation in The San Francisco Marathon. The place is two blocks away from the house and we just walked in going to the place. However, we made a reservation for our schedule a day before.

It was a “heavy” body massage and it was my first time to experience a Thai Massage. One person costs $40.00 plus the tip to the attendant. I must say that this is the best body massage I have experienced so far. The cost is cheap as compared to other Spas around the LA area where the average cost for such service is $60.00 per person. The body massage had a duration of one hour.

For the the cost of one massage session here in Los Angeles is already equivalent to two massage sessions with my massage attendant in Makati City’s Island Spa. Anyway, the experience with my first Thai Massage was worth it and I will be going back again.

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