Update: Project Donate A Shoe (June ’08)

5 07 2008

The Project Donate A Shoe is now under the auspices of the “Bald Runner’s Events” which is now a duly registered entity which has a license to operate from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). Capt Ferdie Espejo came up with a new tarpaulin background of our booth, which you see in the background on all the pictures taken. Captain Espejo will be my frontman and associate in this understaking.

Last Sunday, we have launced also our Project Donate A Shirt, which will become as a repository of all donated old, used, and new Finisher’s T-shirts, from runners which in turn to be donated to families residing on Gawad Kalinga (GK) communities in Metro Manila and to other victims of disasters and calamities in the country. 

Hereunder are some of the pictures of our good donors and recipients of these projects.

Mr George Dolores donated this colorful ASICS running shoe. Thanks, George!

This is Raul Lamprea who is a recipient of one of the running shoes donated last Sunday.

Mr Raymund Abenojar was my first donor for my new Project Donate A Shirt. He gave two (2) Finisher’s T-shirts and two (2) running/athletic socks. Thanks, Raymund!

This runner received one of the donated running shoes and a pair of athletic socks.

Don’t laugh! We have a lot of runners who are sporting this kind of socks! Well, it  was good and timely that Mr Abenojar donated two athletic socks. I gave the socks to this guy. The running shoe beside his feet was his old shoes. The runner went home with a better running shoe and brand-new running/athletic socks.

Let me acknowledge Vangee Mangulabnan who donated two (2) pairs of running shoes; one pair of running shoe from George Dolores; one (1) pair of running shoe from Vinson CS; two (2) shirts & two (2) athletic socks from Raymund Abenojar; and one (1) shirt from Miake Acedilla. Thanks for your support and May God bless you more!

For those who would like to donate their shoes and Finisher’s T-shirts, our booth will be at the Quirino Grandstand tomorrow morning.

Thanks for your support!




9 responses

5 07 2008

Thanks for posting this BR. Otherwise I would be unable to recognise my ex-university colleague Ray Abe now ha ha.

5 07 2008

BR, please count me in on the Project Donate A Shoe. Hopefully, you’ll be able to take one pair of running shoes (Asics Gel Landreth – Size 10.5 US) when I see you here before (or after) the SF Marathon. They’ve never been worn.

Also, i’ve talked with the owner of our store about the project. We’ll have something when I travel to the Philippines this November.

5 07 2008

Hi BR,

As I have run out of shoes to give, can you also include socks in this project?

5 07 2008

markfb, we will accept brand-new socks. thanks!

5 07 2008

cecil, you are welcome. raymund had been a regular runner and visitor to our booth.

wayne, thank you very much for the commitment. we’ll accept the shoes and hope to see you at the SFO Marathon.

7 07 2008

Thanks BR for the post. I’m egging my diver/runner friends to dig from their old stuff and share their blessings to others, too. Good luck at the SFO Marathon!

7 07 2008

rayabe, thanks for the support. we have more runners who are in need of better shoes even if they are used already. thanks for the wishes and i will try my best to update this blog on a daily basis during my stay in the US. keep on running!

21 07 2008

hey did raymund abenojar go to marist school, batch of 83? if he did, then he’s an old classmate of mine. i haven’t seen him in over 25 years but he looks like the same guy.

22 07 2008

e-rod, i don’t know much about raymund but he donated some T-shirts to my booth and this was the second time we had pictures after a road race. i will inform him about you when I see him in one of the future races in Manila. thanks for the comment.

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