“Nostalgic” Long Run #2

5:30 AM 29 May 2008 In Laoag City

For the past days I’ve been staying in Laoag City supervising the repair of my future residence here in the province. A structure or apartment building my Mom built in the early 90s will be my future home and that is where all my things from my quarters in Fort Bonifacio had been relocated/transfered. The place is big and spacious but there are things to be replaced and fixed to be able to make it at par with the usual amenities of the condos and houses in Metro Manila. I could transform this place as a transient facility for visitors coming from other provinces and from Metro Manila. The place has 6 big bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with toilets. Each room will be transformed into air-conditioned rooms to include the living & dining rooms.

From Barangay Dibua, where my sister’s house is located, I started my run at 5:30 AM towards the Poblacion of Laoag City and crossing the Padsan River towards the Suba, Paoay area. This was the same route I ran last 23rd of December of last year. I ended the 1st lap of my run at the Clubhouse of the Fort Ilocandia Golf Course which has a distance of 15 kilometers from the place I started from. I clocked in 1:30:18 hours which was a good 7-minute improvement from my time last December 2007.

I had to use the Comfort Room of the Clubhouse and tried to see the status of the Golf Course from the Tee Mound of the 1st Hole and I was able to talk to the Caddy Master whom I’ve known since I was a Lieutenant. I am glad that the Golf Course is well-maintained and still a favorite golf course of tourists coming from Taiwan, Hongkong and Southern China. This will be my future golf course whenever I am in Laoag City.

After 10 minutes break, I started my run back to the Poblacion of Laoag City. Instead of going directly to Barangay Dibua where I started my run, I ended my run at our family residence where I made an inspection on the extent of the repairs being done in my future place. For the past two days, the carpenters & masons were able to repair/fix a lot of things and I was happy with the outcome of their work.

The distance covered on the 2nd lap of my run was 11 kilometers with a time of 1:12:08 hours. I still have to run at least 4 kilometers to my starting area but the heat of the sun was too much already. I finally decided to end my running workout at the project site and met with the workers. If I continued the run up to Barangay Dibua, I could had finished a distance of 30 kilometers for the day.

It was indeed a long slow run but along the way, many of my friends and those who know me saw me running along the main roads of the city. Some of them stopped to greet me and some just simply honked their horns. It was really inspiring to see these people greeting me while I was running. Most of them knew me as a marathon runner but only one of them know me that I am the “Bald Runner”.

I finished my run at 8:40 AM and the heat of the sun was too hot already. I was glad that I used my Finisher’s T-Shirt in the 1st City of Angels Half-Marathon which is made of CoolMax material which has loose sleeves down to my elbows. It covered my shoulders and upper arms from possible sunburn from the heat of the sun.

The following were the readings that registered on my GF 305:

1st Lap:

Distance—15.0 kms              Time—1:30:18 hours

Average Pace—6:01 mins/km        Average Speed—10.0 kms/hr

Maximum Speed—12.4 kms/hr     Total Calories—1,115 cal

Average HR—147 bpm                   Maximum HR—154 bpm

Total Ascent—508 meters             Total Descent—506 meters

2nd Lap:

Distance—11.01 kms            Time—1:12:08 hours

Average Pace—6:33 mins/km        Average Speed—9.2 kms/hr

Maximum Speed—11.3 kms/hr     Total Calories—813 cal

Average HR—147 bpm                   Maximum HR—156 bpm

Total Ascent—308 meters             Total Descent—340 meters

Running Kit—Adidas Shorts & Finisher’s T-Shirt For the 1st City of Angels Half-Marathon (With sleeves) with Runner’s Cap from Penshoppe.

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel-1120

Nathan Water Belt

Music—67 Assorted Songs from my Ipod Nano.


4 thoughts on ““Nostalgic” Long Run #2

  1. kingofpots

    cecil, i’ve talked to mr pompey crisologo 3 months ago to revive this event but i did not get any positive comment from him. maybe, just maybe, i could influence and encourage him to revive the event in due time. the death of his brother, danny who had good contacts then with corporate sponsors in metro manila, caused the end of the said event. anyway, i’ll try to talk again to pompey one of these days. thanks for reminding me about the North Star 10K Run.


  2. loonyrunner

    hey this will be great! you’ll have a business over there, and, we’ll have a place to rent once you have some big races organized up north! 🙂


  3. kingofpots

    loony, that’s the intent of being in laoag city. we have a lot of property which are idle and i am trying my best to have them profitable. of course, my place will be open to runners whenever there will be big road races in ilocos norte.


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