Running Shoes Review: ASICS Gel-Kinsei 2

I bought an ASICS Gel-Kinsei 2 running shoes on the first week of March (last month) after looking for some cure to the pain on the rear end of my right foot. I bought it at Athlete’s Foot Store Glorietta. This is the “top of the line” among the ASICS Running Shoes and it is supposed to be the best among the best.

After using it for my running workouts while in Metro Manila, the pain on the rear end of my right foot slowly disappeared and it became adapted to me feet. I used it in my first competition during the 6th Philippine Army Physical Fitness Test Challenge where I was awarded as Champion in the Executive Category (50 years old +). Although I did not feel any pains on my right foot, I started to notice some “differences” with my ASICS Gel-Cumulus 8 and had a better evaluation on this shoes after the “On Your Mark” 10K Run.

Let me mention the “bad news” first with this shoes. First, this is the “heaviest” running shoes of ASICS and it advisable to use this only on your running workouts and not for road races. Second, this is the most expensive running shoes of ASICS and with its price, you can buy two (2) pairs of an average-priced ASICS shoes or NIKEs. Third, when I used it during the “On Your Mark” 10K Run, the sound that the shoes create when I step on the ground was very noisy and it was competing with the music I was hearing while my MP3 was playing! Even if I was exaggerately making my feet touch the ground lightly, it was really creating a lot of sound with the ground. Fourth, the individual gels on the heel portion of the shoes are exposed and I suspect that the glue that attaches the gels to the hard rubber sole are not sturdy. Fifth, there are four small loops where the shoe lace passes through instead of the usual shoe lace “holes”. These loops are located at the 3rd & 4th holes (from the front edge of the shoes) and they have the tendency to “snap” after a period of time. I had experienced this in one of my ASICS shoes which I donated to one of the “Boni Aides” in the camp. Sixth and last, there is some kind of “chemical” smell or odor from the blue stripes of the shoe ASICS logo which can fill up the smell inside my bedroom.

The “good news” about this shoes is that my heels are properly snugged with the heel counter resulting to a more stable running and it cured the pain on the rear end of my right foot. When using a thicker running socks, my long runs are very easy with the comfort given by this shoes. Lastly, wearing this kind of running shoes sends a “fashion statement” and  creates “a piece of conversation” to other runners. Wearing this ASICS Gel-Kinsei 2 will make you look like you are from another more advanced planet in the universe! 

Bottomline? I don’t recommend this running shoes to the runners, moreso, to those who want to use this in their gym workouts. The one beside you on the treadmill or elliptical machine might complain or leave you because of the odor/smell of your shoes. I guess, this kind of running shoes was made for the “old, retiring, passionate, sophisticated and loner-type” runner like the Bald Runner!..Ha! Ha! Ha!



10 thoughts on “Running Shoes Review: ASICS Gel-Kinsei 2

  1. runningshield

    I got my kinsei-2 around Oct.2007. i wear a size 8 1/2. I think i ve logged in about 750km on them. I replaced the insoles with Spenco which i find a lot better in terms of cushion. I would rate this shoe at least an 8 from a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being the highest. The only problem i encountered with the shoe is if im going to use them for my long runs 15km + i have to wear thick socks or put a band aid on the bone located at the outter portion of my foot ankle. I notice the shoe has the tendency to rub againts the skin and cause a wound not a blister. but overall a very good shoe.
    Patrick Concepcion


  2. markfb

    BR, you should write nga for runners world. : ) I havent had the chance to try this one out. Maybe its the price or the fact that is not a light trainer or racer. But Im all for asics, love the brand. I currently rotate between a DS Trainer 13 (long runs) and DS Racer VII (speed work, race day).


  3. kingofpots

    Taki, thanks. one of these days i’ll try to send some of my posts to RW Mag.

    Patrick, i wear size 9 1/2 with my ASICS and i was alternately using ASICS and NB during the 80s, ASICS for road races and NB for training. but for now, i am all-out for ASICS. just like you, i find the Kinsei 2 very comfy in long runs with thick socks. however, i don’t encounter any rubbing with my skin. thanks for the comment.

    Mark, thanks for the comment. we will see if RW Mag will accept my posts. i observed in the previous races that you are also an ASICS lover.


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  5. eightdreams

    Sir Jovie,
    @ Orani bataan, I suffered great pain between midfoot and heel.
    I was stack for more than 1hour @ Jollibee Orani Bataan.
    I used Asics GT-2140 from Mariveles before switching to Asics Kinsei @ Orani. The pain instantly compressed and gone.
    Asics Kinsei helps me finished BDM1.

    By the way, pls advise naman.
    I just bought Asics Kayano 15 but end up the size is 1.2inch longer than I expected.
    I usually follows 0.5 inch longer rule, may problema kaya if it is much longer? Oks naman width mahaba lang…

    More power to you…


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