6th Army Physical Fitness Test Challenge

25 March 2008 (5:00 AM-7:00 AM)

Last night, I took the last flight from Iloilo City to Manila just to be able to participate in the 6th Army Physical Fitness Test Challenge, being the author/originator of this event which started in 2000. For unknown reasons, this event was not conducted in 2006 & 2007 PA Anniversary. I am glad that the Commanding General of the Philippine Army, Lt Gen Alexander Yano revived this event as he is an athlete and lover of sports. One of his priorities as soon as he assumed the leadership of the Philippine Army was to enhance the physical fitness of the soldiers and improve the physical fitness facilities and equipment in every Division/Command nationwide. My Division/Command in the Western Visayas is recipient of this program.

General Yano sent me a text message last night at 11:00 PM, which I read when I woke up at 4:15 AM this morning, telling that he revived the conduct of the Army Physical Fitness Test. It is subtle message that he is personally attending the event. He knew that I was responsible in the creation of this pysical fitness event and he was inviting me to join.

When I arrived at the Philippine Army Grandstand at 5:00 AM, two sets/groups of participants (25 persons per set) had already finished their Push-Ups and Sit-Ups events. I was surprised that my registration form was prepared already and all I had to do was to pin my race number/bib. I joined the third set/group together with my brother, Maj General Samuel Narcise, the Inspector General of the Philippine Army, and some of the Officers and Enlisted Personnel.


A pose with my brother before the start of the 6th Philippine Army Physical Fitness test Challenge.

We started with the Push-Ups event for a time limit of 2 minutes only. I did 65 repetitions in 2 minutes!


Starting position…Once the Umpire says “GO”, you have to stretch/kick your legs to the back.


And down with your body and legs to the ground as one..the fist of the “counter” (one who counts your repetitions) must be touching your breast to count as one repetition. The upper arms should be in line with your back when going down.


You can rest only in this position with your body still straight…but I did not rest and I did 65 repetitions continuously.


After almost 5 minutes of rest after the Push-Ups event, we were led to the next station for the Sit-Ups. This is the starting position. The guy holding my feet pressing them to the ground with the help of his knees is the one who counts your repetitions.


In order to count in a repetition, the whole back of the body should be touching the ground. I did a very fast repetitions on this event. I counted mentally up to 70 repetitions but the “counter” only counted 62! I guess, my counting was faster than his counting. No complaints though!


The Sit-Ups event has a time limit of 2 minutes also. This is the only allowed resting position but it is suggested that there should be no rest while doing this exercise as you will lose your momentum. On record, I finished 62 repetitions!


Our group started in the 2-mile run…with my brother and the officers and men of the Philippine Army..


After finishing the 2nd round/lap…


Finishing the 2-mile run after 3 laps…Remember always, Don’t forget to smile once you pass the finish line. I finished in 14:56 minutes for the 2-mile run (3.2 kilometers). The following data were taken from GF 305:

Distance—3.25 kms                   Time—14.56 minutes

Average Pace—4:36 mins/km      Average Speed—13.0 kms/hr

Maximum Speed—15.8 kms/hr   Total Calories—239 cal

Average HR—165 bpm                  Maximum HR—169 bpm


Lt General Yano, the Commanding General of the Philippine Army (at the center), ran the 2-mile run with the last group of particpants. My brother and I joined him during the run and he finished in 18:21 minutes!


As a result of the 6th Philippine Army Physical Fitness Test Challenge, I was awarded with a Medal as the Champion in the Executive Category (which means, 50 & above years of age!). Not bad for a Major General of the AFP, retiring in 52 days from the service. My brother was also awarded with the 2nd Runner-Up Medal in the same category.

Total Distance Covered—7.5 kilometers (to include one lap of cool-down jogging). It was a nice tapering workout in preparation for my next road race on Sunday.

Running Shoes—ASICS GEL Kinsei-2

I hope to see you at the Mizuno Infinity 15K Run this Sunday!…And don’t forget to bring your old shoes for donation!

8 thoughts on “6th Army Physical Fitness Test Challenge

  1. markfb

    Napaaga ba yung fitness test? Oh well, next year na lang.

    Lakas doing 65 in 2 minutes! Hope to be as fit as you when I reach your age. : ) Any vitamins or supplements we mid thirty guys should take? Health routines and rules on sleep?

    Is the retirement mandatory?


  2. kingofpots

    ms jaymie, thanks! i would had done better in push-ups & sit-ups if it was pushed through on the 15th..yup, i am retiring in 51 days on my 56th Bday and have more time to prepare for the SFM on August and hopefully try NYM on Nov. see you this sunday.

    sheemijo, thanks..i owe it to preparation & practice.

    mark, when I reached the grandstand at 5AM, two groups had gone through two stations already. the organizers wanted the events finished at 7AM. take one a day multivitamin & mineral tablet like centrum, Vit C, Vit B Complex, Vit E, Iron, and lots of veggies & fruits. maintain your running and sleep at least 7-8 hours every night. all AFP personnel are compulsory (mandatory) retired at the age of 56. which means that i’ll have more time to run.. and prepare to join in international road races..hahaha!


  3. markfb

    I lack veggies and fruits, will need to get more of that at the supermarket next time. Thanks for the tips. Sleep is indeed very important.

    There’s an upcoming race this December over at Singapore. I can get details if you’re interested.


  4. kingofpots

    bards, thanks for giving me an idea for my retirement run. i can have it done in jamindan but not in manila. such event needs a lot of planning & preparation. anyway, we’ll just enjoy the road races after my retirement.

    mark, yes, it is the Standard Chartered Bank Singapore Marathon but i am not sure of joining it. thanks


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