“Let Us Donate Our Old Running Shoes”

One of the things that I do during road races is to see what the person is wearing as his/her running shoes. Sometimes, I mentally make some judgment or opinion about a runner by the running shoes he/she is wearing. However, my post now will not deal about my opinion on these people whom I always see in road races.

Instead, I’ll be relating my observation to most of the road races I’ve joined for the past months. I had observed that there are young runners and old runners (masters/seniors) who are wearing old, tattered, dilapidated, and worn-out sole running shoes. I know these runners are more comfortable running with their old shoes in 10K and longer distance races but I saw most of them walking & limping on the side of the road because they are wearing old running shoes.

During the awarding of trophies and medals in Sunday morning’s 7th DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap Half-Marathon at Villamor Air Base Grandstand, I saw young, as well as, old runners wearing old and tattered shoes who received their medals and I hope to meet them again and maybe give them my old, but still reliable, running shoes.

As of now, I have 1 New Balance 716; my newly-bought New Balance 902 four months ago; and 1 Nike runing shoes which I am not using. I intend to donote these old shoes to the younger runners and to the senior runners who could not afford to buy a better or more serviceable running shoes. But priority goes to those runners who are using old and tattered running shoes.

If you happen to know somebody who runs with an old & tattered running shoe, please refer them to me and I’ll make arrangements to meet them during weekend road races and give them my old or shoes that I am not using.

How about you, do you have any old or shoes that you are not using but still serviceable to donate to the less fortunate runners?

Let us share our blessings.


New Balance 716; Made in USA; Size: 8 1/2 (US); Width: D; Bought in the USA


Nike Air Max (Trail Running Shoes); Made in Vietnam; Size: 9 (US); Width: D; Bought in the USA


New Balance 902; Made in China; Size: 9 (US); Width: EE; Bought at “Athlete’s Foot” Store, Glorietta

13 thoughts on ““Let Us Donate Our Old Running Shoes”

  1. Hello Bald Runner,

    I came across your blog through the Bull Runner Jaymie and a former classmate of mine, Banana Running. I saw you at the Condura race during the 10k and I’d wanted to say hello to you after the race but I couldn’t find you anymore. You are an internet celebrity! 🙂

    It is commendable that you came up with this scheme. I have an old pair of adidas running shoes that I’d like to donate. It might not be so useful for racing since I’ve already had it repaired before but I believe it is still usable. Let us know through your blog how we can get the shoes to you.


  2. I know a lot of elite athletes that are training on old delapitated shoes. I have already given one of my NB’s but it seems that my size 10 shoes doesn’t fit them well sir. I hope there will be more people who would be willing to help them out. They run really fast, only if they get enough support for equipment I know they can perform better.


  3. Hi Baldrunner, I just sold my old pair at a garage sale and I wish I had thought of giving them away to a runner who needs it instead.

    After reading about Nina Huang collecting rubber shoes for the less fortunate when she ran NY, I too have been thinking of a way to contribute or help others somehow someway through running.

    I think this is such a great idea. Hopefully a lot of other runners will do the same.


  4. Hi Baldrunner… excellent idea. I saw an article about donating shoes at RW and they were donating it in Kenya. I was thinking better if we donate locally. I have a couple also … but I just dont know where to donate them too. Maybe we bloggers can organize something. I sent in a query to Chanda of Mizuno if they are interested to put this as a sidelight to their Infinity Run on Mar 30. Lets see…


  5. datc035, ben, jaymie, barbs, mark, thanks for the positive comments & immediate reponse. my staff will be putting up a “booth” at the Mizuno Infinity Run assembly area on 30 Mar 08 which will serve as collection/distribution point for old & used but still reliable running shoes. appropriate papers will be given to the donors as well as letter of acceptance from the recipients. donors will be notified as to who received their “old shoes”. let us help our less fortunate runners and please spread the word about this program. more blessings to you!


  6. Many of the police trainees of PNTI use footwear other than running shoes. I tend to notice their outfits because many of them run at or near my pace and we converse in the regional dialect. Some use basketball or tennis shoes, I swear even saw one or two in canvas Chuck Taylors at the New Balance 25K in Clark and the Pasig Marathon. Just imagining what these things are doing to their feet makes me squirm.

    If any one of these fine young men want to use my older New Balance pair they can have them. They come in 13EE though, so I don’t think it would be of much use to most of them. I will also ask my friends who wear normal-size shoes to to take their old pairs to your collection booth.


  7. Hi King,

    I often wonder what young Filipino runners race in. As I remembered, I jogged in tennis shoes mainly because I didn’t know any better. Might have run in basketball hi-tops even. But I can’t imagine running 42K in those.

    If you can have a central collection point arranged, I’ll circulate that address to my Filipino running friends here in the U.S. I worry sometimes that such programs always go to Africa, when our countrymen need it more. I might be good for a half-dozen to a dozen a year; I go through a few, and my local running store sells returns at a major discount.

    Thanks for thinking about this.



  8. miracle, thanks for supporting my latest program. we can not blame the police trainees for having such shoes not suited for running. the reality is that these shoes were procured by personnel who are not runners and they are not for the interests/welfare of the trainess but for themselves. we will be glad to accept your shoes of any size. i am sure there are people who needs them.

    quicksilver, i’ve directed my officers/staff with the DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap Running Club, Inc to make our office at the Fire Station Office of the AFP General Headquarters in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City as our “collection/storage area”. also, my officers will be putting up a “booth” in our weekly road races to collect shoes for donation and at the same time where we could distribute these shoes to the needy. thanks for your support.


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