49:37 Minutes @ 2008 Condura 10K Run

02 March 2008

Having a running workout yesterday morning with a distance of 10 kilometers gave me the confidence to run for the 2008 Condura (Race for Tubbataha Reefs) 10K Run early this morning. I was thinking of this run as part of my training for another marathon in the future. And I started also making some research on the Lydiard’s Training Method for my preparation in future races, hoping that I could come up with a training schedule that matches to my age and capabilities. (Note: I’ll posting some of the excerpts of the Lydiard training in my future posts).


I received my race packet two days before the race and I was impressed on the contents–a Finisher’s T-shirt, my race number from Runner’s World Mag, flyer on the importance of saving the Tubbataha Reefs in Palawan, and most of all, a detailed instructions and rules of the road before, during, and after the race. My P 300.00 is really worth for this kind of race which is well-prepared and well-planned!


After checking-in at the starting line area, I had a chance to talk to “Totoy” of  Happy Feet Runners Club and told me that he is a regular visitor of my blog and mentioned to me that one of the organizers of the 2008 Pasig River Marathon liked what I posted regarding my critique on the conduct of the Marathon Race.  I saw some runners of Gold’s Gym who just participated in the Hongkong’s Standard Chartered Bank 42K Marathon Race two Sundays ago.


I did not stay infront to compete with the elite runners but I was in this area immediately infront of the stage which is on my right. After a long absence of running road races, I could hardly recognize Mr Rudy Biscocho, the race organizer, from the familiar face that I know when I was running in the 80’s. I regard Mr Biscocho as the number # 1 race organizer of running event in the country today.


The race started on time at 6:00 AM but before the 10K race started, there was a briefing on the course of the race, singing of the Pambansang Awit/Lupang Hinirang and a speech of one of the young Concepcions telling the audience and participants on the overall goal/objective of the race. The head of the organization/outfit that is implementing the preservation of Tubbataha Reefs also delivered a word of thanks for supporting the said running event.


And the starting gun was fired and off we go! The 10K runners were released first and after five minutes, the lesser distance races–5K & 3K runs, were released but with a different routes from the 10K runners. The 10K runners took the road that goes south going to S & R  and then left towards the Kalayaan Fly-Over. All the runners enjoyed running the roads because there were no vehicles plying along the road! After going down from the Kalayaan Fly-over, we were already running the Gil Puyat Avenue. The turn-around was located near the Zuellig Building. There were kilometer markings in every kilometer along the way. There were also enough water in bottles given by the volunteers in water-aid stations. Except for the approaches of the Kalayaan Fly-over on The Fort area side and Gil Puyat Ave., the course is relatively flat.


My running form, 600 meters from the finish line!


My last 200 meters from the finish line!


That’s my happy face and victory pose for being able to break 50 minutes for the 2008 Condura Run 10K Race! 

The following data were taken from my GF 305 after the race: 

Finish Time—49:37 minutes             Average Pace—5:03 mins/km

Average Speed—11.9 km/hr             Maximum Speed—18.2 km/hr

Average HR—171 bpm                       Maximum HR—179 bpm

Total Ascent—440 meters                Total Descent—446 meters

Total Calories—728 cal

Congratulations to all the Runners and Finishers of the 2008 Condura “Race For Tubbataha” Run!

Hope to see you again in next Sunday’s 7th DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap Half-Marathon!

5 thoughts on “49:37 Minutes @ 2008 Condura 10K Run

  1. markfb

    Hi Bald Runner,

    I saw you briefly (1 second) when I finished at 51:09. You look exactly like your pic here. Would’ve approached you to say hi but didnt see you after that glimpse. I felt like looking at an artista, it was surreal! hehehe I was supposed to finish at sub 50 too. Pacing for the first 7 kilometers with an average of 5:09, I was ready to use heart and sprint the last 3. Kilometer 8 “killed” my pace. It was surely the steep climb up that flyover. I also didnt make up for lost time when it was already downhill. My pace for the kilometer went down to 5:32 and it took the wind out of me. I recovered on the 9th and 10th but the pace wasnt just fast enough as I have planned. It was supposed to be at least 4:30.

    Im now going to do uphill workouts to compliment my running program. Any suggestions? A friend invited me to join her run at the Libingan ng mga Bayani as they have good uphill roads there. Are we allowed to run inside? Im not actually comfortable running inside a cemetery.

    Congrats on the sub 50! Impressive heart rate average as well.
    : )

    Here’s my data from the race

    Just press hybrid on the bottom of the map to get a better view with google earth.

    Free Philippines Routable map for use with the garmin training center is available here http://www.freewebs.com/phroadguide/download.htm


  2. kingofpots

    mark, everybody is allowed to run inside the libingan ng mga bayani but you have to park your car along the road infront of the gate. the hills there are gradual and good for hill training. congratulations for a nice finish at the 2008 condura run. thanks!


  3. Congratulations to you Bald Runner. Hope to hear more PR breaking stories from you.

    I wasn’t able to meet you at the Condura Run. I don’t know if you saw me but I was part of the Fort Striders pacers. We were wearing a pacer flag at our backs.


  4. kingofpots

    TS, thanks..i think i saw your group along the way..you have nice picture in bullrunner’s blog about the condura run..see you this sunday!


  5. jhunie16

    hi sir!
    Congrats po, I also saw you yesterday while we were inline claming our shirt and some goodies! At tulad ng sinabi nyo sulit talaga yung binayad natin at well planned and prepared race! Thank You and God Bless…


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