I Won!

As I predicted, I won in the Gidaya Trail Run for the 50+ years old category early this morning.

This is the 4th rendition of the said run which started last February 2005 and this is my first time to participate in this event. For the past years, I’ve been “left behind” in Metro Manila during PMA Alumni Homecoming due to my positions then as Camp Commander of Fort Bonifacio (2005); Camp Commander of Camp Aguinaldo (2006); and the Chief of Staff of the Philippine Army (2007).

The race for my age was a short one, which according to my GF 305, the distance was only 2.15 kilometers. One kilometer was going up to the mountain/hill which we fondly called “Cavalry Hill” and has a gradient/inclination of about 60-75%. The road was steep and straight to the top of the hill which forced me, in some portions of steep road, to take short but fast walk. I thought my lungs were about to burst with my deep and successive deep breaths. This was my first experience to feel strong heart beats and breath heavily since I started to run again.

Nobody challenged me on those steep roads and I was alone on the downhill portion of the course up to the last one kilometer of relatively flat terrain.

I finished the race in 14:47 minutes which I think I was able to set a record time for the said distance. I had a comfortable one kilometer distance from the second runner. I won the First Place Trophy and I hope to defend my title in the next year’s Gidaya Trail Run!

I will post my pictures and data from my GF 305 in my next posts. 

2 thoughts on “I Won!

  1. kingofpots

    Ben, thanks! My competitors/rivals had been waiting for me to join this event for the past 4 years. They were not aware that I am the “Bald Runner”.


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