Back In Jamindan

28 12 2007

27 December 2007/Thursday Run

From Iloilo City, I have to travel by land to reach my camp in Jamindan and it takes 2 1/2 hours non-stop trip. Immediately after my arrival in the camp, I changed to my running attire and started my stretching exercises.

I started my run at 5:00 PM and finished my run and brief workout at 7:15 PM. I ran along my 2-mile route inside the camp. The following were my elapsed time every round:

1st round—17:41 mins

2nd round—16:17 mins

3rd round—16:33 mins

4th round—17:19 mins

5th round—17:53 mins

6th round—20:39 mins (cool-down run)

Using my 20-lb Dumbbells, I did the following exercises:

3 X 10 reps—Side Lateral Raise

3 X 10 reps—Frontal Raises

3 X 10 reps—Hammer Curl

3 X 10 reps—Dumbbell Squats

3 X 10 reps—Dumbbell Shoulder Press

3 X 20 reps—Dumbbell Pullover

Other Exercises Done:

5 X 20 reps—Inclined, Knee-Bent Sit-Ups

3 X 20 reps—Push-Ups

20 minutes—Stretching

I ran 12 miles or 19.2 kilometers in 1:46:22 hours. My average pace was 8:52 mins per mile or 5:32 mins per kilometer. This was an easy run workout.


Adidas Runner’s Shorts

28 12 2007

Finally, I was able to buy a “classic” Adidas Runner’s Shorts from SM City in Iloilo City. It is the same “cut and style” as the one that I had been using in the ’80s. The price was almost One Thousand Two Hundred Pesos but it is worth to have this kind of shorts.

My “cheap” Accel runner’s shorts are giving me problems as they cause rashes on my groin areas whenever I use them in my long runs even if I apply body oil or lotion on my groin and upper thighs. Even the latest New Balance runner’s shorts that I bought lately could produce rashes on my inner upper thighs during long runs. The lower edges of these shorts tend to rub and stick on my inner parts of my thighs when my shorts are wet from my perspiration. The constant rubbing is not noticed while running but the rashes becomes painful when taking a shower after the run.

Yesterday afternoon, I immediately used the newly bought Adidas Shorts and it did not give me any rashes at all after running a distance of 12 miles inside camp.

Lesson?…Being “cheap” is not good!

Back In Iloilo & Blah de Blah

28 12 2007

I bought the most expensive plane ticket from the Philippine Air Lines on Christmas Day for my trip back to Panay Island. For a one-way plane fare (Economy) to Iloilo City on the 27th of December, yesterday, I paid the price for a round-trip ticket. I have no choice as the trips to Roxas City and Kalibo were all full due to influx of passengers and tourists due to the holiday season/vacation.

I got the first trip to Iloilo City departing from Manila at 5:10 AM. I had to wake-up as early as 3:00 AM to prepare my things and for the ride from Fort Bonifacio to the Centennial Airport.

While on the airport, I was able to meet a former classmate in the Academy who just retired from the AFP as a Major General who now manages a financial institution of the AFP. I also met one of the Brigade Commanders in Mindanao who happens to be my undersclass and a friend. He was travelling with his wife. After having some conversations and pleasantries over a cup of coffee, they left ahead of me because their trip was scheduled earlier.

While inside the plane enroute to my destination, one of the stewards happened to be an acquiantance. JR, his name, happens to be a cousin of one of my friends. It is his 4th month as a PAL stewar

After one hour of trip, I finally landed at the new Iloilo City Airport thinking that this was the most expensive plane trip that I had for the past 9 months. I am sure PAL credited me the miles I’ve travelled for this trip in my Mabuhay Miles.

Wednesday Workout

27 12 2007

26 December 2007

It was raining the whole day in Manila. I planned to have a 12-mile run inside Fort Bonifacio and Libingan ng mga Bayani on this day but the weather was really bad for running. Instead, I had a simple workout inside my quarters in Fort Bonifacio which made me sweat a lot!

I did the following Dumbbell exercises with my 15-lb Dumbbell set and other exercises:

         5 X 15 reps  Biceps Curl

         5 X 15 reps  Dumbbell Flyes

         5 X 15 reps  Dumbbell Lifts

         5 X 15 reps  Triceps Extension

         3 X 30 reps  Side Bends with Dumbbells—each side (Left & Right)

         5 X 50 reps  Knee Bends with Hands holding Dumbbells on sides

         5 X 50 reps  Heel Raises with Hands holding Dumbbells

         5 X 30 reps  Push-Ups

         5 X 30 reps  Bent-Knee Sit-Ups

         20 minutes  Stretching before and after the workout.

The Day I Became The Bald Runner

27 12 2007

Another title: The day I completely became bald. 

In 1989 while I was in Los Angeles spending a vacation with my family, I noticed an advertisement in one of the magazines I’ve been reading regarding an establishment in North Hollywood that caters wigs and toupees to “Hollywood Stars”. I jokingly suggested to my wife to visit this establishment. Well, she approved of my suggestion and we visited this place. To make the story short, from the day we visited the “wig store”, I was already wearing my first wig!

However, with the popularity of Michael Jordan, being “bald”/shaved head, it started a fashion trend among men. So, my daughter, in June 1997 while visiting in LA, suggested me to remove my wig and sport a complete bald look and she honestly said that I look better with a bald head!

The day before the PAL-Manila International Marathon in 1997, I completely had my head shaved by my official barber in Camp Aguinaldo.

At the starting line of the marathon at the PICC Complex/Cultural Center of the Philippines, I was wearing a runner’s cap and a sports sunglasses that was clipped on my cap. I was running then with Colonel Alan Cabalquinto and we were both sporting a runner’s cap. We wished each other’s “good luck” and vowed to finish the race.

Col Cabalquinto was ahead of me from the starting line and I just maintained my slow pace for the 1st half of the marathon. When I was at the Shangrila Mall area, the sun was already shining and I removed my cap and put on my Oakley sunglasses. From there, I was already the Bald Runner! Infront of the SM Megamall, on my way to Greenhills (the turn-around point), I saw Col Cabalquinto walking and complaining of a pain on his heel for using a wrong running shoes. When I greeted him as I was about to pass him, he was surprised to see me! He was not surprised why I was still on his back after running for 15 kilometers already, but he was surprised with my new look! He was the first one who appreciated and approved of my being bald!!!

I finished the race comfortably in less than four and half hours. I was “powered” by GO Energy Gels/Pastes and PowerBars which were new food supplements for endurance athletes at that time. At one time while I was running along with a male runner at Gil Puyat Ave on my way back to Roxas Blvd in this marathon, I offered one of my GO packets to him. I became a “salesman” first, explaining to him what I am trying to offer, before he tasted it. We finished together at the same time and he thanked me for the food supplement. I guess, the power “gels” gave him the additional strength to finish the race. 

I will never forget the 1997 Manila International Marathon, it was the day The Bald Runner was born! It’s the day I completely shaved my head & started sporting the “bald-look”, shaving my my head every three days since then. It was the day my friends and other people started calling me “Yul Bryner”; “Kojak” (Telly Savalas); “Mikee Jordan” (small MJ); “Kalbo”; and “Bokal”.

Results: 6th DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap Team Relay

26 12 2007

The following are the results of the 6th DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap Team Relay on 16 December 2007 at Bonifacio Naval Station (BNS), Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. Teams were categorized as Military and Civilian where each category was divided to Seniors (40 years old and above) and Juniors (39 years old and below). Each team consists of two male and one female runners where each runner runs 7K. The team with the lowest total aggregate time wins.

Military Team (Seniors):

Place      Team                   Members              Time 

1st         Philippine Army    Rey Antoque            1:24:02

                                               Daisy Castillon

                                               Rodolfo Tacadino

2nd       Philippine Army    Elpidio Lucero         1:27:48

                                               Rogelio Adenig

                                               Rosario Sarcol

3rd        Philippine Army    Gemma Padrinas    1:35:22 

                                               Edgar Serrano  

                                               Maximo Ulanday

4th       Philippine Navy     Ronald Despi           1:40:14

                                              Luzviminda Camacho

                                              Roy Vence

5th       Philippine Army    Narciso Maligaya     1:43:17

                                              Merlyn Quillo

                                              Artemio Ladia

Military Team (Juniors):

1st      Philippine Army     Adonis Lobaton       1:14:56

                                             Jujet De Asis  

                                             Anna Vargas

2nd    Philippine Navy     Enate Sayrol             1:24:48

                                            Ballester Sustenes

                                            Vicente Eclipse

3rd     Philippine Navy    Emerciano Jimenes  1:24:54

                                           Ailyn Morillo

                                           Raquel Espinosa

4th     Philipine Army     Ma. Alice De la Cruz  1:25:45

                                           Alley Quisay

                                           Mamerto Corpuz

5th    Philippine Air Force  Jonas Art Bacnagan  1:26:40

                                                 Rovel Canillo

                                                 Myrna Flamiano

Civilian Team (Juniors):

1st     Spearhead Runners    John Higger Quinones  1:21:22

                                                 Theresa Bolloso

                                                 Carlos Jose Pedregosa

2nd   Global Runners           Amelita Arcilla               1:26:03

                                                 Angelo Arcilla      

                                                 Ruel Arcilla

3rd   Global Runners            Genevieve De La Pena  1:36:02

                                                 Andres Tabafa

                                                 Romeo Monis

4th  Happy Feet Runners    Joemar Paras               1:37:36

                                                 Jaymie Pizarro

                                                 Benjamin Chan

5th   Global Runners            Mark Peralta                1:47:49

                                                 Jonathan David

                                                 Maria Fe Dumandan 

Civilian Team (Seniors):

1st    M2 Global Runners    Ma. Luisa Dulnuan     1:33:22

                                                Ricardo Pauig

                                                Gregorio Heray

2nd   Spearhead Runners   Helen Castillo             1:39:07

                                                Ferdinand Espejo

                                                Edgardo Pedregosa

(Note: There were 70 Military and 24 Civilian Teams which participated in the said event)

Christmas Day Run

25 12 2007

25 December 2007

I am still in Laoag City. I started my run at 7:00 AM from the house of my sister in Barangay Dibua South to Dibua North. From Dibua North, I ran through a dirt road that connects the road to Barangay Sangil. From Barangay Sangil and running easterly direction, I reached Bacarra Road/at the road boundary of Laoag City and Bacarra, Ilocos Norte. I ran along the Bacarra Road going back to Laoag City, passing by Barangay Barit, Farinas Bus Terminal, and Divine Word College. I turned right on the road going to the BIR Office & MMSU. I entered the Provincial Oval Track and made one round. From there, I passed by the INNHS and turned right towards Barangay Santa Maria, then to Barangay Pila, and finally to Barangay Dibua South. I finished my run at 8:35 AM.

I covered an estimated distance of 11 miles or 17.6 kilometers with a time of 1:34:47 hours. My average pace is 8:38 minutes per mile or 5:24 minutes per kilometer. I consider today’s run as an easy run.

The food I have eaten and the rest/sleep I had yesterday gave me more power and strength to endure with my easy run today.

(Note: This is my # 100 Post in this Blog since 25 October 2007)

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