Results: 6th DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap Team Relay

26 12 2007

The following are the results of the 6th DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap Team Relay on 16 December 2007 at Bonifacio Naval Station (BNS), Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. Teams were categorized as Military and Civilian where each category was divided to Seniors (40 years old and above) and Juniors (39 years old and below). Each team consists of two male and one female runners where each runner runs 7K. The team with the lowest total aggregate time wins.

Military Team (Seniors):

Place      Team                   Members              Time 

1st         Philippine Army    Rey Antoque            1:24:02

                                               Daisy Castillon

                                               Rodolfo Tacadino

2nd       Philippine Army    Elpidio Lucero         1:27:48

                                               Rogelio Adenig

                                               Rosario Sarcol

3rd        Philippine Army    Gemma Padrinas    1:35:22 

                                               Edgar Serrano  

                                               Maximo Ulanday

4th       Philippine Navy     Ronald Despi           1:40:14

                                              Luzviminda Camacho

                                              Roy Vence

5th       Philippine Army    Narciso Maligaya     1:43:17

                                              Merlyn Quillo

                                              Artemio Ladia

Military Team (Juniors):

1st      Philippine Army     Adonis Lobaton       1:14:56

                                             Jujet De Asis  

                                             Anna Vargas

2nd    Philippine Navy     Enate Sayrol             1:24:48

                                            Ballester Sustenes

                                            Vicente Eclipse

3rd     Philippine Navy    Emerciano Jimenes  1:24:54

                                           Ailyn Morillo

                                           Raquel Espinosa

4th     Philipine Army     Ma. Alice De la Cruz  1:25:45

                                           Alley Quisay

                                           Mamerto Corpuz

5th    Philippine Air Force  Jonas Art Bacnagan  1:26:40

                                                 Rovel Canillo

                                                 Myrna Flamiano

Civilian Team (Juniors):

1st     Spearhead Runners    John Higger Quinones  1:21:22

                                                 Theresa Bolloso

                                                 Carlos Jose Pedregosa

2nd   Global Runners           Amelita Arcilla               1:26:03

                                                 Angelo Arcilla      

                                                 Ruel Arcilla

3rd   Global Runners            Genevieve De La Pena  1:36:02

                                                 Andres Tabafa

                                                 Romeo Monis

4th  Happy Feet Runners    Joemar Paras               1:37:36

                                                 Jaymie Pizarro

                                                 Benjamin Chan

5th   Global Runners            Mark Peralta                1:47:49

                                                 Jonathan David

                                                 Maria Fe Dumandan 

Civilian Team (Seniors):

1st    M2 Global Runners    Ma. Luisa Dulnuan     1:33:22

                                                Ricardo Pauig

                                                Gregorio Heray

2nd   Spearhead Runners   Helen Castillo             1:39:07

                                                Ferdinand Espejo

                                                Edgardo Pedregosa

(Note: There were 70 Military and 24 Civilian Teams which participated in the said event)



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