Recommend For Termination

I have recommended the termination of the DND/AFP Gintong Pangarap for Marathon effective immediately to the Secretary of National Defense and the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines due to the following reasons:

1) Since the creation of this sports program was directed in producing a member or members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines as a potential Olympic Gold Medalist in Marathon and was conceived by a former Secretary of National Defense, this program had never attained its objectives for the past seven years. The other DND/AFP Gintong Pangarap Sports Programs in Shooting, Taekwando, and Boxing were later abandoned after one or two years after it was conceived by the same Secretary of National Defense. It was perceived that the creation of this sports program was a “knee-jerk” reaction or “pa-snappy” effect for the AFP to contribute to the country’s first Olympic Gold Medal. 

2) Sports development, training and sustainment of support to elite national athletes are not the “core functions” of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Hence, the financial support to the DND/AFP Gintong Pangarap was not within the budgetary programs of the Major Services and that the Department of National Defense does not have any support to this program. Continue reading

Results: 6th DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap Team Relay

The following are the results of the 6th DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap Team Relay on 16 December 2007 at Bonifacio Naval Station (BNS), Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. Teams were categorized as Military and Civilian where each category was divided to Seniors (40 years old and above) and Juniors (39 years old and below). Each team consists of two male and one female runners where each runner runs 7K. The team with the lowest total aggregate time wins.

Military Team (Seniors):

Place      Team                   Members              Time 

1st         Philippine Army    Rey Antoque            1:24:02

                                               Daisy Castillon

                                               Rodolfo Tacadino

2nd       Philippine Army    Elpidio Lucero         1:27:48

                                               Rogelio Adenig

                                               Rosario Sarcol

3rd        Philippine Army    Gemma Padrinas    1:35:22 

                                               Edgar Serrano  

                                               Maximo Ulanday

4th       Philippine Navy     Ronald Despi           1:40:14

                                              Luzviminda Camacho

                                              Roy Vence

5th       Philippine Army    Narciso Maligaya     1:43:17

                                              Merlyn Quillo

                                              Artemio Ladia

Military Team (Juniors):

1st      Philippine Army     Adonis Lobaton       1:14:56

                                             Jujet De Asis  

                                             Anna Vargas

2nd    Philippine Navy     Enate Sayrol             1:24:48

                                            Ballester Sustenes

                                            Vicente Eclipse

3rd     Philippine Navy    Emerciano Jimenes  1:24:54

                                           Ailyn Morillo

                                           Raquel Espinosa

4th     Philipine Army     Ma. Alice De la Cruz  1:25:45

                                           Alley Quisay

                                           Mamerto Corpuz

5th    Philippine Air Force  Jonas Art Bacnagan  1:26:40

                                                 Rovel Canillo

                                                 Myrna Flamiano

Civilian Team (Juniors):

1st     Spearhead Runners    John Higger Quinones  1:21:22

                                                 Theresa Bolloso

                                                 Carlos Jose Pedregosa

2nd   Global Runners           Amelita Arcilla               1:26:03

                                                 Angelo Arcilla      

                                                 Ruel Arcilla

3rd   Global Runners            Genevieve De La Pena  1:36:02

                                                 Andres Tabafa

                                                 Romeo Monis

4th  Happy Feet Runners    Joemar Paras               1:37:36

                                                 Jaymie Pizarro

                                                 Benjamin Chan

5th   Global Runners            Mark Peralta                1:47:49

                                                 Jonathan David

                                                 Maria Fe Dumandan 

Civilian Team (Seniors):

1st    M2 Global Runners    Ma. Luisa Dulnuan     1:33:22

                                                Ricardo Pauig

                                                Gregorio Heray

2nd   Spearhead Runners   Helen Castillo             1:39:07

                                                Ferdinand Espejo

                                                Edgardo Pedregosa

(Note: There were 70 Military and 24 Civilian Teams which participated in the said event)

6th DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap for Marathon Race (Team Relay)

The 6th rendition of the DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap for Marathon Race will be held on 5:30 AM of 16 December 2007. The race will start and finish at the Grandstand of the Bonifacio Naval Station in Fort Bonifacio. (Note: The grandstand could be reached by entering the gate towards the Headquarters of the Philippine Marines near the old Gate 3 of Fort Bonifacio)

The race will be a team relay. Each team should consist of two male runners and one female runner. Each member of the team will run a distance of 7 kilometers. Each runner will start and finish infront of the Grandstand. Teams will be divided into two categories—Juniors, for 39 years old and below; and Seniors, for 40 years old and above. The lowest total time aggregate for the team wins. The top three (3) teams, for each age category, will be awarded with throphy, medals and cash prizes. Special awards/trophies, medals and cash prizes  will be given to top three teams in the civilian sector.

The registration fee is One Hundred Fifty Pesos (P 150.00) per individual/Four Hundred Fifty Pesos (P 450.00) for the whole team. Each runner will receive a Cerificate of Completion/Achievement; a Finisher’s Medal; Finisher’s T-shirt; and Free Food after the race. There will be surprise gifts during the awarding ceremony. 

For particulars and registration forms, please contact Maj Rodrigo Turno at his cellphone # 0905-900-3658

DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap For Marathon

I really don’t know if this is a Sports Project or a Sports Program which was created after the 2000 Olympic Games. But the way it was managed and run by its former Chairman and Director, it appears that this is a Sports Program which is being undertaken by the Department of National Defense and the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The vision of this program is for the country to develop future candidates/athletes for our quest towards attaining our “First Olympic Gold Medal” in the sports of Taekwando, Boxing, Shooting, and Marathon, initially, among the officers and soldiers of the AFP. Thus, it was named as “DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap” (Golden Dream).

The DND-AFP took upon itself to concentrate on these four sports as most of the officers and men of the AFP are trained, exposed, and excelled in each of these sports discipline. Most of the national athletes who excel in these sports are non-commisioned officers/Enlisted Personnel of the AFP and some of the officers also excel in Taekwando and Shooting. During President Marcos’ administration, top athletes of the country were made to be enlisted in the AFP so that they have a continuous source of income/pay & allowances. These athletes only received additional allowances and training support from their respective Sports Committees/Federations and the National Sports Commission if they are preparing for international competitions and if they win medals in prestigious competitions abroad. This program had been carried up to the present. But things had not improved in our support to our national athletes. It is sad to say that they are not properly coached, lack of facilities & sports equipment, not exposed in international competitions, “malnourished”, no scholarship/educational program for the less-privileged athletes, and worst, being exploited by politics in the country’s sports programs.

The DND-AFP took the initiative to embark on these four sports programs/discipline by assigning senior officers of the AFP who excel/have interest on these sports to lead and attain the vision of the program. However, after the Olympic Games “fever” had gone, the interest and commitment for the improvement and exposure of such sports died down, except for the Marathon Program. The main culprit of this situation was the lack of resources/financial support to sustain the program and lack of leadership. Luckily for the Marathon, the previous Chairman/Program Director initiated fund-raising programs and made the program as an organization and had it registered as an Incorporation through the Security Exchange Commission (SEC). The former Program Director was a “passionate” Marathoner/Runner. Before he retired from the service as an Admiral of the Philippine Navy, he was able to conduct an annual rendition of the DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap for Marathon during the month of December, as part of the one-month celebration of the AFP Anniversary, from November up to the anniversary day, every 21st of  December. Before the program was handed to me, the program was able to conduct three (3) annual races (combination of 5K, 10K, & 20K) where the venues were rotated among the Major Branch of Service of the AFP (Philippine Army, Philippine Navy, & Philippine Air Force). The ultimate goal then was to conduct a full Marathon for the members of the AFP.

Under my leadership, the program conducted it’s 4th race which was a “5 in 1” race event. There was a Half-Marathon, 10K, 5K, 2-Mile General’s Race, and Members of the Media 2-Mile Race.  There were lots of awards and lots of classification among the age category runners which made the awarding ceremony longer than the conduct of the Half-Marathon Race. The lesser distance races were done inside Camp Aguinaldo while the Half-Marathon covered nearby roads leading to the Green Meadows Subdivision. Most of the Generals, who attended the 2-mile race, walked! This was the first time that we exposed and included the public/civilian sector in our race/program. This event was done sometime in June 2006.

The 5th rendition of the Sports Program was the introduction of the 3 X 7K Team Relay ( 2-man & 1-woman per team) which was conducted in Fort Bonifacio, last February of this year, where the race route covered up to the grounds of the Libingan ng mga Bayani. The conduct and management of the race was very simple and it became a success. A number of teams from the civilian sector joined this event and and they received special awards for their involvement and attendance. In the AFP, this  event format was copied by other Major Branch of Service in their inter-athletic competitions.

On this 16th of December 2007, the DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap For Marathon Team Relay Race will be held at the Bonifacio Naval Station, Fort Bonifacio. There is a clamor/request from other running groups to bring back the Half-Marathon Race of this program. This request will be decided by the members of the Sports Program during their last coordinating conference on 23 November 2007.

I wanted to have more races every year but due to work-related constraints, the athletic/sports representatives from the Major Services opted to have at least two races every year with the end-view of conducting a full Marathon in the future.

At present, the financial resources turned-over to me by the previous Chairman/Director had been “doubled” (increased by 100%) as we plan to conduct more races and realize our goal to conduct a Marathon Race. May this goal of the program be attained before I retire from the service.