Back In Jamindan

27 December 2007/Thursday Run

From Iloilo City, I have to travel by land to reach my camp in Jamindan and it takes 2 1/2 hours non-stop trip. Immediately after my arrival in the camp, I changed to my running attire and started my stretching exercises.

I started my run at 5:00 PM and finished my run and brief workout at 7:15 PM. I ran along my 2-mile route inside the camp. The following were my elapsed time every round:

1st round—17:41 mins

2nd round—16:17 mins

3rd round—16:33 mins

4th round—17:19 mins

5th round—17:53 mins

6th round—20:39 mins (cool-down run)

Using my 20-lb Dumbbells, I did the following exercises:

3 X 10 reps—Side Lateral Raise

3 X 10 reps—Frontal Raises

3 X 10 reps—Hammer Curl

3 X 10 reps—Dumbbell Squats

3 X 10 reps—Dumbbell Shoulder Press

3 X 20 reps—Dumbbell Pullover

Other Exercises Done:

5 X 20 reps—Inclined, Knee-Bent Sit-Ups

3 X 20 reps—Push-Ups

20 minutes—Stretching

I ran 12 miles or 19.2 kilometers in 1:46:22 hours. My average pace was 8:52 mins per mile or 5:32 mins per kilometer. This was an easy run workout.

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