Adidas Runner’s Shorts

Finally, I was able to buy a “classic” Adidas Runner’s Shorts from SM City in Iloilo City. It is the same “cut and style” as the one that I had been using in the ’80s. The price was almost One Thousand Two Hundred Pesos but it is worth to have this kind of shorts.

My “cheap” Accel runner’s shorts are giving me problems as they cause rashes on my groin areas whenever I use them in my long runs even if I apply body oil or lotion on my groin and upper thighs. Even the latest New Balance runner’s shorts that I bought lately could produce rashes on my inner upper thighs during long runs. The lower edges of these shorts tend to rub and stick on my inner parts of my thighs when my shorts are wet from my perspiration. The constant rubbing is not noticed while running but the rashes becomes painful when taking a shower after the run.

Yesterday afternoon, I immediately used the newly bought Adidas Shorts and it did not give me any rashes at all after running a distance of 12 miles inside camp.

Lesson?…Being “cheap” is not good!

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