Finisher’s T-Shirt: 1st Infantry Marathon

Being my first International Marathon Race since I started running in the early ’80s, I was able to preserve the Finisher’s T-shirt of the Inaugural Infantry Marathon held in Fort Benning, Georgia on the third Sunday of January 1984.

 Hereunder is the picture of the shirt which I placed in a frame. The back of the shirt is printed with the Badge of the Infantry with the words “Follow Me”.


2 thoughts on “Finisher’s T-Shirt: 1st Infantry Marathon

  1. Dean Bullard,
    I also ran the first annual race. I was an infantry soldier stationed at Fort Polk, La. I was looking at some throwback Thursday pics and came across my race photos. I wish I still had my shirt. Or, had bought extras. As my muscles grew. The sleeves had to go. It was pretty grueling. Considering I had never ran over 20 miles before. I learned what hitting the wall meant. My finishing time was 3:02:54. I haven’t really ran much since those days. I just started back running about a month ago. I only run once or twice a week right now and am up to 11.2 miles. My goal is to enter the now soldiers marathon of 2015. I am planning on beating my time from 30 years ago. I thought it was the same race. But, I guess it is not the same course. I would also like to wear a shirt from the first annual race. If I can find the manufacturer and if they are still in business.


  2. Dan Black

    so glad to find this T-shirt photo in Internet!

    My good buddy came up with the idea for that marathon and its sister half-marathon; run simultaneously. Plus, he organized it the first two years. Sorry it was not continued after the 3rd or 4th year. I suppose it was too much for “the system”. I had two T-shirts saved from that historic event, but after several re-assignments and just wear of time, I no longer have any. Take great care of it. A true collector’s item. Heads up, He may just start annual international military (appreciation) marathon in Europe. He needs big challenges. Good, fun stuff!


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