Back On The Road

17 December 2007 (PM Run) 

After one week of no runs on the road, I am back this afternoon for an easy run along the 2-mile route in the hills of Jamindan. I started my run at 4:30 PM and finished at 6:10 PM.

After 20 minutes of stretching, I started with one mile warm-up at 9:00-minute pace. The following are my time/s every round of the 2-mile route:

1st round—17:50 minutes @ 8:55 mins per mile

2nd round–17:20 minutes @ 8:40 mins per mile

3rd round—16:40 minutes @ 8:20 mins per mile

4th round—18:50 minutes @ 9:25 mins per mile

5th round—20:13 minutes @ 10:06.5 mins per mile (cool down round)

I ran a total distance of 11 miles or 17.6 kilometers in 1 hour, 39 mins, & 53 seconds. My average pace was 9 minutes & 4.8 seconds per mile or 5 minutes & 40 seconds per kilometer.

For the moment, I will concentrate on endurance/aerobic phase of my training along the 2-mile route and strengthen my leg muscles through workouts in my mini-gym & hill workouts here in Jamindan.

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