Pictures @ 4th Global City Run

21 04 2008

I really do not know these celebrities at the front of the pack at the Starting line. Maybe, these are our “elite” runners with “single digit” race numbers. 

The race started on time at 6:00 AM 20 April 2008 infront of the ANTA Store. I visited the ANTA Store the day before the race to get a copy of the road map of the race and to browse on their display of sports apparel.

For a change, this is how I looked with my running outfit. I was a “commercial model” for the Nike outfit in yesterday’s 10K Run. This picture was taken at the last kilometer to the finish line.

A few meters from the finish line with the sight of the digital clock readings of my time as it registered 47:00 minutes. I was thinking of passing the finish line before the clock turns to 48:00 minutes.

I could not recall if I felt like “throwing up” or trying to pick up my pace as I approached the Finish Line!

Unofficially, my time as I glanced the digital clock at the Finish Line was 47:52 minutes. I was glad I finished the 10K race below my target time of 48:00 minutes.

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