150 Days: Wednesday’s “Double” Run

5:30 AM 05 November 2008 @ The ULTRA Oval Track

Since I did not have my running workout for Tuesday, I decided to have my morning workout for the following day after being used to going to the ULTRA Oval Track in the late afternoon or early evening. As soon as I arrived at the Oval Track, I saw a number of runners, maybe about 6-8 runners, and from a distance I saw Prometheus Cometh and Amado, the “daily brisk walker”, having a conversation while doing their workout. In a short momemt, I joined the two where Prometheus and I were doing a slow jog while Amado was doing his “brisk walking”. It was an opportunity to officially meet Amado in person who started to post his comments to this blog after I posted my shoe review for the NIKE Lunaracer as to whom I was referring to as the “daily brisk walker” and he was seen wearing the said running shoes at the ULTRA Oval Track.

The meeting, while doing my running workout, was a chance to talk to other people who are passionate in physical fitness and active healthy lifestyle. For the past days, I met and talked to Kathy Santillan, a TV news anchorwoman; I said “Hi” to Karen Davila who is also a TV Newscaster; talked to other “runner-bloggers” and other visitors of this blog; and now Amado whom I’ve been seeing almost every day at the Oval Track doing his “brisk walking/walkathon” workout.

Amado, Prom and I covered a lot of topics about running and plans to join the scheduled races for the month of November and beyond. Conversation is not complete if we don’t talk about our respective families and our work and interests. While doing the conversation, I was surprised that we were hitting 6:45-7:00 mins/km average pace during our workout. It might be a slow pace for Prom and I but I was really amazed with the stamina and consistency of Amado’s pace. This guy is strong even if he is 2 years older than me!

Later, Prom and Amado excused themselves and left the track after one hour plus and I was left alone still doing my easy run. I finished my workout after my GF 305 registered a distance of 10 kms. After the run, I did some simple running “drills” and pylometric exercises before going through my post-stretching exercises. After my workout, I just rested and relaxed by observing the other runners doing their  workouts under the supervision of their respective coaches.


5:45 PM 05 November 2008 @ The ULTRA Oval Track

I felt that I still need to run on this day. At 5:30 PM, I was already at the ULTRA doing my stretching exercises as I was decided to do my interval training. I started my run with 5 laps as my warm-up run with an average pace of 6:20 mins/km. I made sure to have my “water break” every time I finished 5 laps. My workout interval training was to do 5 repetitions of 2K within my race pace of 4:45 mins/km with 2-3 minutes of recovery jog & “water break”.

I did my first rep in 9:06 minutes with an average pace of 4:19 mins/km (HR: 158-165); finishing the 1st Km in 4:21 mins/km and the 2nd Km in 4:19 mins/km. It was a very fast pace for my 1st interval. I need to control myself and don’t be carried away by the pace of other faster runners on the track. After one lap of recovery run and “water break”, I did my 2nd rep with the thought of making my pace a slower one this time and the rest of my repetition runs. The following were the results of my interval runs from 2nd to 5th reps:

2nd rep—9:37 minutes @ 4:38 mins/km pace (HR: 155-162)

3rd rep—10:10 minutes @ 4:55 mins/km pace (HR: 148-158)

4th rep—10:00 minutes @ 4:49 mins/km pace (HR: 150-159)

5th rep—10:00 minutes @ 4:50 mins/km pace (HR: 148-158)

I finished my workout with another 5 laps of slow jog at an average pace of 6:45-7:00 mins/km. My overall workout for the evening culminated with a “personnel-assisted” stretching routine which I badly needed to stretch my leg muscles and core.

I was able to run 40 laps which is equivalent to 10 miles or 16 kilometers for the evening’s workout. For the “double” workout for the day, I was able to cover a distance of 26 kilometers.

Shoe Review: NIKE Lunaracer

I bought this new pair of NIKE Lunaracer at the NIKE Store at The Grove in Los Angeles last 10 September 2008, few days before I returned to Manila. The sales guy at the NIKE Store, who happens to be a black guy in his 30s, lectured to me the difference between the NIKE Lunarlite Trainer and this shoes. He suggested that I should try to wear both shoes and actually feel the difference between the two. As soon as I tried the shoes one at a time, I told him immediately what I felt. The NIKE Lunarlite Trainer has a wide forefoot area and I could feel that my foot and toes do not feel the tight snug I want for a running shoes. As for the NIKE Lunaracer, the shoes’ forefoot area is very narrow and I could feel a nice and tight fit for my feet in the said running shoes. Continue reading “Shoe Review: NIKE Lunaracer”