More Pics @ Manila Half

The following pictures were taken at the Bald Runner’s Donate A Shoe Booth at the Finish Line (Luneta Park/Quirino Grandstand Area) of the Araw ng Maynila Half-Marathon Race on 06 July 2008:

From left side, Charlie (running & rowing mate of Mark FB); DelQ (runner from Los Angeles who had a brief vacation in Laoag City & Manila & he was scheduled to leave for LAX last night); Bald Runner; The Loony Runner; Mark FB; and IbanRunner.

We had this second take as the first pose was taken against the light/sun. Charlie and Mark FB were late for the Half-Marathon start and opted to run the 10K race. DelQ is a member of a running club in Los Angeles and he promised to donate some running shoes from his club members.

A pose with Joms of Happy Feet Runners (far left) and Patrick Concepcion aka Running Shield (on my right) ; the famous Doknoy (#305) & Don Ubaldo (#398) on my left side. Hey, I am surrounded with the fast and famous runners of Happy Feet!

As I was walking towards my parked vehicle, Sherwyn, the runner on my left, called my attention as the Bald Runner and I asked them for a pose. These runners are members of the Tutuban Running Club. They told me that my name was announced few minutes before the Half-Marathon started.

As promised in one of my comments, I distributed a Bald Runner’s sticker to each of the runner-blogger who visited/dropped by the booth. My booth had become the official meeting place of the runner-bloggers after road races in Metro Manila.

I was informed by Captain Espejo that some runners donated finisher’s t-shirts after the race. To those who donated these t-shirts, thank you very much!