5K Tempo Run

13 09 2008

After a rest and recovery for four days, I did a 5K tempo run yesterday early evening around the neighborhood. For my warm-up first kilometer, I did 5:38 mins. I did my 2nd Km in 5:05 mins; 3rd Km in 5:01 mins; 4th Km in 5:04; and ending my 5th Km in 5:12. Overall, I finished the distance of 5.02K in 26:09 minutes with an average pace of 5:12 minutes per kilometer.

Not bad! On Monday, I will be starting my 30-week ultramarathon training for the 2009 Inaugural Bataan Death March Memorial Ultramarathon Run. My next ultramarathon training will be geared towards my first 50K/50M Mt Disappointment Endurance Run in August 2009.

My prayers and best wishes to Ben Gaetos and Carmela Layson, our Pinoy Ultramarathoners residing in Los Angeles, for their 3rd/4th (?) participation to the Angeles Crest 100-Mile Ultra Trail Endurance Run which will start at 6:00 AM tomorrow. GO, GO, GO, Pinoy Ultra Trail Runners break the 30-hour time!!!


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