“West To East”: 2nd Day’s Adjustments, Hills & Heat

12:45 PM March 16, 2011/Barangay Seselangen, Sual to Barangay Socony/Crossing, Bugallon, Pangasinan

I started my adventure run for the 2nd day at 12:45 PM/Noon. You can just imagine what it is like to start your run at this time of the day. I did not have to worry because I prepared for this kind of situation for the past weeks that I had my “heat” training at the Remy Field Oval Track and the roads inside the Subic Freeport.

For the 2nd day, I need to make some adjustments with my attire. I have to use the regular running shorts so that people along the way would not have the impression that I lost my bike or make myself as the center of attraction among the younger and older women along the road. I believe that Pangasinan is famous for cyclists that spectators think that if an athlete uses a compression shorts, he/she is a cyclist. I used my old reliable ASICS shorts with a red-colored ASICS technical shirt which have the latest technology of a sports shirt. My running cap (by Headsweats) was the one that I used in my first BDM 102 Race in 2009 which has a cover on the nape portion. As seen on my pictures, the cape on the back keeps on waving and flying because of the headwind I met during the run. The inexpensive NIKE soccer socks was transformed to a running socks with calf sleeves, all in one! And I like them. The feeling when you use this kind of socks is the same with using those expensive calf sleeves! In order to have a lighter stride, I used my ASICS Gel-LyteRacer which is a Racing Shoe with Stability. I was also using those cheap arm sleeves to cover my arms from the heat of the sun and they work pretty well.

More Efficient & Better Attire For The Heat & Hills Starting Point For The Day

 After the usual photo-ops from the starting line’s last kilometer post on the previous day, I started my run slowly, trying to warm-up my legs and my body. I usually do not have stretching exercises before starting my daily runs for the Adventure Run.

"Sel-lang" in Ilocano Means Crotch (Singit)
"Marin Headlands" in Sual, Pangasinan?
The Flat Road Before The Hills

Although it was hot, I was meeting a strong headwind as I approached the mountains/hills of Sual, Pangasinan. There were lots of rolling terrain before I started my climb towards the ever-famous Sual Zigzag Road where the only restaurants in the place were located in the 70’s and 80’s. On top of the Zigzag Road, you could see the Sual Cove with the South China Sea. Without any problems, I was able to reach the peak and the distance of Poblacion Sual is reduced to only 2 kilometers and I was able to cover 9 kilometers from the place where I started. Those were tough 9 kilometers towards this place. 

Running On The Right Side

 On this day’s run, I decided to run on the right side of the road with me travelling with the traffic. It got some relief from my left knee as I was able to balance my foot strike on the ground. I felt more comfort on my legs when running on this side of the road. I guess, this is a major adjustment that I did in this run. I was also very accessible to my support vehicle which would be waiting for me every 2 kilometers.

On this day, I also carried a small plastic bottle filled with water on my right palm which was also comfortable as I was used to carrying those Ultimate Direction Hand-held Water Bottle.

Slowly But Gaining Some Distance
Running On The White Line
Roller-Coaster Road Going To Sual, Pangasinan
Downhill Portion of the Road
Hot But With Light Headwind
Towards The Highest Peak
Weird Name of a Bridge
From the Sual Zigzag Road Peak Towards The Poblacion
Going Down...Down...
Racing With A Motorcycle?
REST With The Chair!
Why go to Cebu City when Danggit is available in Sual, Pangasinan? LOL!

 While passing along the Poblacion of Sual, I was able to inspect the stores that sell dried fish and fresh fruits. My crew was able to buy some of those ripe mangoes. I was surprised that most of the stores sell Danggit which is the dried fish famous from Cebu City. I really do not know if they are cheaper here but it costs P 450.00 per kilo. After running for 2 kilometers from the Poblacion of Sual, what was infront of me was the place where I stayed overnight, Covelandia Beach Resort. The place occupies a lot of space as seen from the road I was running through!

Aaahhh...The Joy of Running!
Eating Fresh Ripe Pangasinan Mangoes!
Jogging With High School Kids Who Were Going Home

A few kilometers more and I was able to reach the Poblacion of Labrador. There was traffic on the main road as most of the high school students were leaving the school and going back to their homes. While having my walking breaks, I started some conversation with the kids and it was relaxing! As I resumed my run, some of the kids joined me in my jogging and they were laughing and having fun. After a few meters, the kids stopped and it was timely that I was near my support vehicle. I had the chance to have some photo-ops with these kids.

A Pose With My "Pacers" & Future Runners
UYONG in Ilocano means "CRAZY"

 The road from Labrador to the next town of Bugallon is clear from so much traffic of vehicles. I am lucky to observe if there is one vehicle that I meet or pass me within the span of 5 minutes. As I looked around, I could see the sea on the left and the mountains on my right with rice fields. It was refreshing to see the things around me. After crossing so many small bridges and waving to people milling around on the corner of the streets, I was on the road with some kids on their bicycle trying to escort on the right side of the road.

Nice Background!
30 Kilometers Done For The Day
Last Km Post For The Day

I finished my run at 5:45 PM at Barangay Socony/Crossing, Bugallon, Pangasinan. I was able to cover a distance of 30 kilometers. After the photo-ops at the Kilometer Post, I entered in one of the carinderias and ate my early dinner of sinigang na native na baboy! Wow! The food and broth were great!

Duration of Running: 5 Hours

Distance: 30 Kilometers

Average Pace: 6 Kilometers Per Hour

Weather: Sunny & Hot with Light Headwind

Food & Water Nutrition: No Change from the Previous Day

Running Apparel: ASICS Shorts & Technical Shirt; NIKE Football Socks; Ice Bandana; Headsweats Runner’s Cap; Sunglass by Ray-Ban; Local Arms Sleeves

Shoes: ASICS Gel-Lyteracer

Tylenol Tablet: None


Hotel Accommodation @ Covelandia—-P 2,500.00

Food (Dinner & Breakfast)—P 1,300.oo

Fresh Fuits (Mangoes)—P 100.00

Ice—P 50.00

Gasoline—P 1,000.00

Dinner @ Carinderia—P 150.00

Total Expenses For The Day: P 5,100.00

(Note: Covelandia Beach Resort has NO Wi-Fi Connection!)

To be continued…

“West To East”: 2nd Day @ Covelandia

 March 16, 2011

Covelandia Beach Resort in Labrador, Pangasinan is located 13 kilometers way ahead from the place where I stopped on my first day of my running adventure. You have to pass by the Poblacion of Sual, Pangasinan before reaching this place. If you are coming from Manila/Dagupan/Lingayen, you can reach this place before reaching Sual, Pangasinan.

It was already 6:45 PM of Tuesday when we entered the Beach Resort and it was already dark. I could only see the lighted portions of the place and what was important was for me to take a cold shower, change my clothes and have my dinner. Of course, the place is more expensive than Mang Ador’s Place (Cocos Beach Resort) in Barangay Ilog Malino, Patar Road, Bolinao due to the first class amenities and ambiance of the place. Overnight stay cost us P 2,500 for the De Luxe Room with BIG beds and nice pillows, linens and towels!

The plan was to maximize our stay here up to check-out time at 12:00 Noon the following day and just relax in the cottages and restaurant near the beach area. We did exactly what we planned to do—took shower, slept for 10 hours, have dinner and breakfast, and relaxed at the restaurant/beach cottages of the resort. We spent P1,300 for the food we ate here.

At exactly 12:00 Noon on Wednesday, we left the place and proceeded back to Barangay Seselangen, Sual, Pangasinan for the start of my second day of running adventure. At 12:45 PM, I was back on the road!

@ Covelandia, Labrador, Pangasinan
Nipa Huts/Cottages
More Nipa Huts & Cottages
Kids' Swimming Pool
Main Swimming Pool & Water Slides
De Luxe Rooms @ The Resort
Coffee Shop, Parking Lot, & Administration Building (Left to Right)
Relaxing at the Restaurant
Breakfast With Coffee...and...
...Pancakes as Dessert!

To be continued…