Running Sartorialist #5: @ Condura Skyway Marathon

(Note: Thanks to Angelo’s Photography & Team CB)

Marathon Without Any Training

The Concepcion Brothers and the Condura Durables have always been a “surprise” sponsor for my BDM 102K Ultramarathon Race. In last year’s edition of the BDM 102, they have donated  Champion Prizes in the form of Refrigerators for the Men & Ladies Categories without me asking them for such. Aside from my BDM Races, Condura & Concepcion Brothers had been supportive to my advocacies in running.

Since the inception of the Condura Skyway Half-Marathon and Marathon Races, I had been a supporter of their runs and their advocacies and I never missed joining their yearly events. This Marathon Race had always “primed” my marathon and ultrarunning season for the year. Last year, two days after I finished the Condura Skyway Marathon, I ventured on my first multi-day/multi-stage 5-day run from Manila to Baguio City.

Due to my latest bout with an injury (muscle tear, again!) last December which forced me to recover for the past 6-8 weeks, Condura Skyway Marathon is not seriously considered as part of my marathon races for this year. However, a simple “snaffu” or lapse had happened on the earlier stages in the marketing of this race which could had made me “pissed off” was brought to my attention. Simply stated, the PR guys of this event missed me in their invitation for the “bloggers presentation & briefing” of this event. It could had been a nice post for my blog for a controversial topic of missing the Bald Runner in a bloggers night or maybe, for not inviting the Bald Runner in an event that he had religiously supported a running event since its birth!

Looking at those status and pictures of the bloggers night event in Facebook made me wonder why I was not invited. Well, I just said to myself and wondered why the Concepcion Brothers did not invite me in this event even if I casually contact them through SMS. I started to ask myself if I have done or said something wrong with Ton and Patrick in my posts but I never recalled anything. So, I kept silent and let the event passed. After a few days, I got my answer when the PR guys e-mailed me with apologetic messages for having accepted that they did not do their work well. I got the same SMS messages from the Concepcion Brothers. Well, guys, no harm done. With or without your invitation, I will still support your event.

It was only a few days ago that I found out that bloggers had been given a complimentary entry to run in the said event! It was a breeze when I simply went to their registration booth at the Greenbelt 3 and registered through the computers lined up in the area. I was able to save my money and got one of the best commemorative T-Shirt for a Marathon Race in the country! I am finally registered to run in the 42K event!

Now, here comes the best part. Will I run this marathon race even if I am not fully prepared for the distance? My longest running time for the past two weeks had been a one hour and ten minutes run which is easily converted into a 10K distance run. I still have 3 days to decide on this run.

Looking at the number of registered runners and the hype this marathon has created, I could see that this Marathon Race will showcase a Marathon Race which Metro Manila and/or country could be proud of and could make our country easily placed in the map of worldwide Marathon Races. It is just a matter of time that this Marathon Race will be a destination of more International Runners.

Congratulations to Ton & Patrick Concepcion and advance Happy Birthday to their Dad, Mr Raul Concepcion!