“1,000-Km Club” Finishers

The following runners are the latest finishers/awardees of the Bald Runner’s “1,000-Km Club”. Congratulations!!! 

Ultrarunner George aka The Talkative Runner
Ultrarunner Ralph
Ultrarunner Luis aka The Gingerbread Running
Nolan Llanora
Supt. Gregorio Torres PNP
Macky Chamorro aka Gleeman
Carly Dizon
Rodel Cuaton aka Argonaut
Jet Paiso
Paul Paranal

BR’s “1,000-Km Club” Finishers

This is a notice to those runners who registered or adopted the Bald Runner’s “1,000-Km Club” for them to be motivated to pile up their mileage in their running workouts. If you finished the required number of kilometers, you are entitled to receive a “Finisher’s T-Shirt” from no less than the Bald Runner. There is no need to show me proof of completion because I believe that runners are “honest and honorable” people.

After the Market! Market! 10-Mile Run this Sunday, the Bald Runner will be awarding a limited number of “Finisher’s T-Shirts” to runners who completed the said number of kilometers. The T-shirt will be awarded on a “first come, first serve” basis. (Note: Those who have received their first “1,000-Km” Finisher’s T-Shirts are no longer qualified to receive such T-Shirt for finishing their succeeding  1,000-Km runs.)