ASICS Gel-LyteRacer

ASICS Gel-LyteRacer

Catalog Picture of ASICS Gel-LyteRacer

It is too bad that what is available in our Sports Stores, Running Stores and even ASICS Store for models on ASICS running shoes are those which have thick soles and heels. These ASICS shoes are in the category of stability and cushioning shoes which are too heavy for training and for racing.

I am not a runner-blogger who is being sponsored by ASICS to review and/or use their products. I simply love and feel comfortable using ASICS and I buy every pair of ASICS shoes that I use. Since I started running in the early 80s, ASICS had been Number #1 for me. This is what I call LOYALTY.

During my trip to Taipeh, Taiwan, I was not able to look for a specific ASICS Store but it was inside the SOGO Department Store where I was able to discover the latest products of ASICS direct and made from Japan. The SOGO Department Store is like our Rustan’s Department Store except that the lady attendants are lined up in front of the store’s gate/main door to greet you and simultaneously bow their heads as you enter the SOGO Department Store. These ladies are well-groomed with their uniform & fashionable hat! I bought my ASICS Gel-LyteRacer on the 10th Floor of the said Department Store located in one of the financial districts in Taipeh.

Nice color combination of Red & White

The first time that I used this model was during the 2011 Condura Skyway Marathon without any break-ins. Since I did not train for this Marathon Race, I thought of using the shoes for a long run as its break-in. The shoes provided me with a comfortable pace and without any problems on my feet and legs. I finished the race with a slow time but I did not have any injuries whatsoever. The LyteRacer is considered as a Racing Shoes with Stabilizers on the Heel and Forefoot areas. The shoes are light but a little heavier than my ASICS Gel-HyperSpeed 3. It is fully-cushioned considering that the shoes are racing shoes. It is highly recommended for neutral runners.

I will not mention those technical data about the name of the materials being used for this shoes but the bottom line is that ASICS has the highest quality in terms of comfort and durability of its products. The price in Taiwan Dollar when converted to Peso is very cheap as it sums up to less than Five Thousand Pesos only!

Heel Portion & LyteRacer Name on the Shoes

As of now, I have just breached 100 kilometers as the total distance of usage for these shoes. This is now my preferred shoes whenever I have my LSD workouts.

(Note: This particular model is not available in the USA and in the local market)