Lessons Learned @ 4th Bonifacio Global City Run

1) I will always stick with my GF 305—It seems that the timimg system available in the country is already old and unreliable which I think had been the technology since I started running in the early 1980s. It would be better for me to concentrate my time with what I read in my GF 305 watch. I hope the RFID technology will be able to catch up with the race organizers soon.

2) Even-Pace Strategy—So far, I had a nice result by following this race strategy. I did not force myself to run hard and fast in the first half of the race but instead run conservatively and picking up my pace if I felt comfortable of doing so. I just have to control myself and be relaxed once the race starts.

3) “To Look or Not To Look”—I purposely forced myself not to look at my GF 305 during the race until I was on my last 400-500 meters from the finish line. Had I looked at my watch on the halfway point, I could had increased my pace if my avarage pace was not on the planned targetted pace. However, I was glad that I was within the average pace all through out the course.

4) Stay Focused—I started to have a “negative” thoughts when I thought the lead runners were taking a different route as compared to what I’ve seen in the route map and what I had conditioned in my mind as the actual route. It took some time before this negative thing was flushed out of my mind. I was glad I had my MP3 and had some music to relax my mind. 

5) “Start the Conversation” & “Always Smile”—Mark told me at the Starting Area that most of the runners know me as the Bald Runner but they were just shy to approach or greet me. I was glad I started a conversation with a couple, Lester & Margarette, who were standing beside me before the race started. Next time, I have to check-in early at the Starting Area and make some conversations with the other runners and approach them with a friendly “smile”.

6) Recovery and Tapering—I guess, I need to follow this basic principle of recovery and tapering. There is a need to rest and recover for some days and let the running muscles, blood vessels, heart and the lungs to relax and heal due to excessive use. I hope that by tapering I will become stronger and faster in future road races.

7) New Outfit—This is becoming a habit—to dress well and be a “running fashion model” in every road race. This is one way of getting even with those faster guys who have full hair on their heads!

Results: 4th Bonifacio Global City Run




Courtesy of Mr Rudy Biscocho.


                   4th BONIFACIO GLOBAL CITY RUN

                Taguig City * 6:00 a.m. * April 20, 2008   


                            5K Male Awards   

                                 By: RACE

           Road Race Management and Computerized Scoring Specialists                    

Place No.   Name                  Age S 5k      Pace 

===== ===== ===================== === = ======= =====

    1  1476 Christopher Ulboc      17 M   15:02  3:01

    2  1826 Abraham Barcarse Jr.   23 M   15:19  3:04

    3   734 Alquin Bolivar         20 M   15:44  3:09

    4   279 Criscel Aclo           39 M   15:58  3:12

    5  1474 Wenlie Maulas          18 M   16:08  3:14

    6  1791 Carlo Pedregosa        22 M   16:08  3:14

    7   735 Marlon Bolivar         22 M   16:09  3:14

    8  1650 Esmeraldo Ondoy        40 M   16:31  3:19

    9  1710 Regie Lumauag          34 M   16:37  3:20

   10  1961 Higger Quinones        18 M   16:40  3:20

   11   709 Alvin Canada           30 M   16:44  3:21

   12  1989 Harold Asuncion        27 M   16:47  3:22

   13   281 Hernandito Pineda      43 M   16:53  3:23

   14  1801 Tirso Pamaybay         36 M   16:55  3:23

   15  1706 Ralph Anthony Servida  17 M   17:09  3:26

   16  1917 Isidro Vildosola       31 M   17:10  3:26

   17  1952 Leomar Mirasol         27 M   17:20  3:28

   18  1792 Edgardo Pedregosa      52 M   17:22  3:29

   19  1645 Joycer Locno           33 M   17:36  3:32

   20  1894 Mario Canja            41 M   17:37  3:32 Continue reading “Results: 4th Bonifacio Global City Run”