Result: BDM 102 “Test Run” (Km 00-50)

10:00 PM January 18, 2014 – 7:00 AM January 19, 2014

Mariveles, Bataan To Abucay, Bataan (BDM Km #00 To BDM Km #50)

Number of Starters: 26 Runners

Number of Finishers: 22 Runners

Cut-Off Time: 9 Hours

New Names, New Faces & Soon To Be BDM 102 Finishers
New Names, New Faces & Soon To Be BDM 102 Finishers
Allan Sabado 5:44:49      
Jay Lamela 5:49:08      
Alain Vincent 5:51:49      
Bryan Manicad 6:25:43      
Arnold Banaay 6:31:56      
April Bernadette Gaburno 6:35:08      
Joseph Rosete 6:35:09      
Madison Trinidad 6:38:37      
Jon Ogsimer 6:41:25      
Terrence Lu 6:52:11      
Dhannie Tan 6:52:23      
May Santos 6:54:05      
Rona Saludes 7:12:01      
Hermie Saludes 7:12:09      
Victor Cambarijan 7:14:45      
Roy Garcia 7:26:15      
Michael Sastrillo 7:32:33      
Melojane Amit 7:41:05      
Alwyn Sy 7:41:06      
Bernard Go 7:41:07      
Richelle Perez 8:44:45      
Juvy Pagtalunan 8:44:47      


1. Runners must observe announced assembly time & start time. The Race will start before or on the exact scheduled time for Gun Start. Some runners arrived at the Starting Line barely minutes before and after the Gun Start. Runners should be punctual always in our Race Events.

2. Reflectorized Vest, Belts, Strips and Headlight/Hand-held Flashlight are MANDATORY equipment for all the runner-participants during the nighttime portion of the Event. Inspection of these items will be done upon check-up period before the start of the race. Runners without these items will be declared DNS (Did Not Start). (Note: A “minimalist” Reflectorized Vest is available for sale at ARC Store)

3. Three (3) runners got lost during the Test Run. They were NOT listening to my briefing before the start of the Test Run. The following are the key road intersections:

BDM Km Post #14—–Turn Right

BDM Km Post #23—–Turn Right

BDM Km Post #32—–Turn Right

BDM Km Post #83—–Turn Right (Follow the Road To Poblacion of Guagua, Pampanga)

BDM Km Post #91-—-Upon reaching the Commercial District/Poblacion of Guagua, Pampanga, runners must turn LEFT (no need to follow the vehicles’ route), turn LEFT again at the next intersection which is an elevated “bridge”, and then turn RIGHT at the next intersection.

With almost 300 runners on Race Day and only 26 runners who joined the Test Run, we expect more runners who will get “lost” during the event. It is the responsibility of the runner and his/her driver and support crew to be knowledgeable about the course even if there will be Race Marshals & Volunteers during the Race.

4. Expect more DOGS, more TRUCKS & vehicular traffic, more motorcycle-riding persons and/or groups, more “entertainment spots” with blinking colored lights, and more “ladies” along the route during the nighttime run. Take necessary caution in dealing with them.

5. The next “Test Run” will be on February 2, 2014, from Abucay, Bataan (BDM Km Post #50) to the Finish Line in San Fernando, Pampanga (BDM Km Post #102). The Guns Start for the event will be at 7:00 AM (Assembly Time is 6:00 AM).

Good Luck to the Participants of the 2014 BDM 160 & 102 Ultra Marathon Races!

@BDM Km Post #50
@BDM Km Post #50 (Photo Courtesy of Team Marupok)

Special Discounts @ 2014 BDM Races

1. Active and Retired Members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and other Armed/Uniformed Services of the Government to include the Philippine National Police (PNP), Philippine Coast Guard, and Bureau of Jail Management & Penology (BJMP) are entitled to special discounts in the 2014 BDM Races’ registration fees. This is to include Cadets of Service Academies of the AFP & PNP (Philippine Military Academy & Philippine National Police Academy), provided they are qualified to join the event. The following are the discounted rates:

2014 BDM 102—-P 3,000

2014 BDM 160—-P 5,500

2. Elite runners who registered a finish time of Sub-3 hours for a Marathon Race (42K) for the years 2012 & 2013 will have Special Rates on their 2014 BDM 102 Registration Fee. They have a discounted rate of P 2,000 as Registration Fee. If the elite runner is an active member of the AFP/PNP and other Uniform Services who has a Marathon Time of sub-3 hours, he/she will pay the lower amount of P 2,000.

3. Course Record Holders of past editions of BDM 102 are automatically FREE from paying their registration fee in the said race if they intend to defend or improve their finish times. The same will apply to the Course Record Holder of the past BDM 160 Race.

4. An additional 50 slots will be allocated to these members of the armed/uniformed services; elite runners and course record holders in the 2014 BDM 102 Ultra Marathon Race. This will make a total of 300 runners for the said event. BDM 160 Ultra Race will maintain a maximum of 100 runners.

5. Finally, Senior Citizens can avail of their 20% discount on the registration fees.