Lesser Weekend Races

My last weekend race (in Manila) was way back in February 28 during the DZMM’s Takbo Para Sa Kalikasan 10K Run and since then I never ran a single road race except for the Jeju International Ultramarathon Race where I finished the 50K Run.

I knew that my fininished times in the Century Tuna Half-Marathon Race on February 21 and the DZMM’s 10K Takbo Para Sa Kalikasan were my gauge and measurement that I still have the proficiency in competitive running within my age classification.

With my regular long runs after these local races, I was able to finish the 50K Run at the Jeju International Ultramarathon Race last March 27 with a PR time of 5:25:38 hours.  

I missed the Mizuno Infinity Run; Earth Run’s 21K Run; TNF and other trail runs; and other races on the past weeks. This means that I was able to save some money for my registration fees. And I had more time to plan and prepare for the incoming races of PAU.

I really don’t know with the other runners if they really know the true meaning of recovery period. Recovery period for me is trying to relax my running workouts by lessening the number of kilometers I’ve been doing for the past days and lessening the intensity of of my runs. Most of the time, I’ve been running not more than 10 kilometers for every workout; having my regular massage; eating my regular diet; sleeping more hours to include naps in the afternoon; sometimes, running every other day and the intensity or pace of the runs are very relaxed, easy and slow.

However, after those recovery weeks, I’ve been doing some running workouts again in preparation for the 2010 MILO Marathon Eliminations on July 4, 2010. Barely eleven (11) weeks to go, based from my training program, I should be doing at least 25-26 kilometers during my LSD runs on weekends.

Last weekend, I just did “back-to-back” 15.5K & 20K at UP Diliman Loop and The Fort-McKinley Hill-Lawton-C5, respectively. I did not have any problems with these long run workouts except for the hot & humid conditions. I need to adjust the start of my long runs earlier in the morning for a cooler temperature.

Since Monday of last week, I’ve started to visit the gym again. My gym workouts are generally concentrated on my upper body, core muscles, and legs. I hope to have more strength to finish at least 25-26 kilometers in my long runs this weekend.

After the MILO Marathon Elimination, Camarines Sur Marathon will be the next!