52:07 @ RUNNEX 10K

2 12 2007

6:30 AM 02 Dec 2007

I joined the 27th RUNNEX 10K Executive Classic Run this morning which started at 6:30 AM and conducted along the streets of UP Diliman Campus. I finished the 10K race in 52:07 minutes. I was able to improve my PR best time for the distance from 55:31 minutes, which was time in the 10 K Animo Run last Sunday, to 52:07 minutes. I was able to improve my time by 3 minutes & 24 seconds.

My split time at 5K, which is the distance of one loop of the 10K distance, was 25:24 minutes. My time for the 2nd loop, last 5K, was 26:43 minutes. I paced slower on my second loop.

Overall, my average pace for the whole run was 5:12.6 minutes per kilometer. I am getting faster!

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10K Animo Run

25 11 2007

6:00 AM 25 November 2007 (Mall of Asia) 

I wanted to test and evaluate my training so far in preparation for the 2008 Pasig River Heritage Marathon in February 2008 by joining available road races in Metro Manila. It takes one call to my DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap staff to have me registered for the 10K Animo Run and here I am joining the said race. 


The race started at exactly 6:00 AM and I was initially at the back portion of the starting area. It took me at least 10 seconds before I crossed the starting line.                        


The race course is flat and I had to run 2x the 5K course to complete the 10K. My split time for the 5K was 27:40 minutes. I finished the 10K at 55:31 minutes with an average pace of 5:33 minutes per kilometer or 8:56 minutes per mile.


 As predicted, my training program is giving me positive results as I finished the 10K run within the 55-56 minutes range. I need to do more speed runs and tempo runs as well as my long distance runs in the coming weeks. These are the key words for better results in my future road races—strength, speed and endurance.

My ASICS Tiger “Cumulus” running shoes gave me the confidence to be versatile in my leg strides by alternately doing the “shuffle” and short bursts of toe-heel foot strikes on the asphalt road of Mall of Asia. I need to improve more on my running form.

Everything is perfect in the said race, except for one thing, “It’s the smell” of the place!!!For having my training in the mountains of Jamindan, the smell and quality of the air near the Manila Bay and the drainage system of the mall complex brought “shock and awe” to my smelling senses. I had to get out of the place immediately after I finished the race. 

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