Hater is simply defined as someone who hates someone.

It is the nature of a person or any living thing for that matter to love and hate for something or another person. A hater balances your life when you are loved and adored by other people. So, having said this, it is very normal to have “haters” in your life, whether in the family/close relatives, in groups, and in the community.

Seldom that I could see and any comments in this blog that show hatred to what I am doing and writing about my running and adventures. But I know that there are persons who would comment negatively or simply hate me for what I am doing. And if there is somebody who is brave enough to express their hatred, he or she would not tell his or her true identity. This brings me my first impression about them—They are simply cowards and hiding their true identity.

Let us go now to other Social Networks which are very popular and accessible to everybody. Facebook is becoming the “new blog” for everybody and this is where you could see haters on one’s account or Wall or they simply come up with their own personal account using another “name”, thereby, hiding their true identity.

I really don’t know what is the “end game” or “bottom-line” or “purpose” of these haters on Facebook. Do they want attention? Do they want to entertain their “friends”? Do they want to influence others so that “haters” will multiply a thousand fold? Are they applying “psychological operations”(“psy-ops”) to the one that they hate and to their readers? Do they benefit emotionally and financially on those unreliable information that they expose to their readers & followers? There are so many reasons why they do these things and I can name or mention some reasons for their behavior.

I am not a psychologist or a mind-reader but in my exposure to people during my “school days”, in my professional career, and now in my retirement days among: men and women, educated and uneducated, rich and poor, men in uniform and civilians; I have the following conclusions on these haters:

1. Haters simply ENVY you for what you are and for what you are doing in this part of the world.

2. Haters are simply LAZY. They complain/”whine” and criticize but they don’t have any suggestions or solutions to the things they criticize. Worse, they don’t act or do anything. “Talk is Cheap” is the appropriate reply to these haters.

3. Hater’s life is BORING. They are already comfortable on what they are doing in their daily lives and they are afraid to introduce something into their system. They don’t want change and they don’t have the courage (“balls”) to venture on risky and challenging situations or activities. They are 24/7 in front of the Internet/Androids/Cellphones in order to gather information on their “targets” so that they have something to express their hate on their FB Walls or blogs.

4. They are COWARDS. By simply hiding their true identity, you can immediately tell that they afraid of you once they are exposed.

(My 500-word article has already passed its limit!)

My strategy and action for these haters is to IGNORE them. And the best way to ignore them is to BLOCK them (on Facebook) so that you will never “meet” them again and ultimately, they don’t have access to your Wall/FB Account.

On the positive side, I have learned to love these haters as they give me MORE exposure in the Social Network sites. If they are trying to expose my “darker/worse side” of my life and activities, then their actions and their writings about me would give more “mystery” to what I am doing to the community. As the media would always do and adhere to—“the more controversy & exposure for a person, the better for one’s popularity ratings and memory recall”.

Happy New Year, Bitches!

Remember My Face, Bitches!
Remember My Face, Bitches!

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