“Power Bank” For My GF 305

One of my ultra running friends, Dr Marc Conrad Molina posted at our Pinoy Ultramarathoners Group (PUMAG) on Facebook about the possibility of extending the life power of the Garmin Forerunner 305 (GF 305) and comments/experiences were discussed within the thread.

The following is the link that was featured in the said PUMAG’s Facebook status by Dr Molina:


I immediately followed the things to do based from the discussion and experience of another ultra runner, Philippe Arenillo, who had been using such equipment that extends the power of his GF 305 for almost 30 hours!

CDR-KING is a local store that offers inexpensive electronic gadgets and equipment. For the price and cost of less than P 330 (US$ 8.00) to include an extended wire, I was able to buy my “power bank” for my GF 305.

I’ve used the “power bank” for my Back To Back runs this weekend and it worked!

"Power Bank" + GF 305
“Power Bank” + GF 305

Thanks to Dr Mark Conrad Molina & Philippe Arenillo!

Keep on running!


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