Trail Running 101: Part #2: “Rules On The Run”

Now that you are ready to embrace trail running, there are some rules and regulations; protocols; etiquette; or “GMRC” (Good Manners & Right Conduct) things/actions that every runner should know and follow. These rules boil down to the preservation of the environment and “common sense” in treating our co-runners.

The American Trail Running Association (ATRA) offers a list of “must” to be followed in trail running activities and events. For the benefit of everybody, our trail runners and “would be” ones are encouraged to read this list on the “Rules On The Run”. Please read the link below:

It is imperative that every trail runner should follow these rules and regulations.

Good luck and see you at the Starting Line!


10 thoughts on “Trail Running 101: Part #2: “Rules On The Run”

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