One Hour With Jeff Galloway

Jeff Galloway is in town! He is lucky to meet the Bald Runner and FrontRUNNER Magazine’s Publisher!

BR, JG, & FR

Details of his One-Hour lecture and meeting will be posted soon!


7 thoughts on “One Hour With Jeff Galloway

    1. kingofpots

      it was a nice lecture. i was supposed to make a post about the lecture but i don’t want to pre-empt the interest of those who will be joining his last lecture here in manila this afternoon (2-5 PM). thanks!


  1. When I started running 12 years ago I kept getting injured so on one of my injury breaks I bought a book and educated myself in the sport of running. I ended up buying one of his books. A couple of years later I would meet him in person at the Big Sur Marathon. I was again hobbled by an injury but I was determined to participate in the 21-mile walkers division and attended his clinic on walking. I got to meet him and he signed my book. Really nice guy. His walk / run strategy was so controversial at the time with the marathon crowd. I followed it, little did I know that it was a great set up to ultra down the line.


    1. kingofpots

      in marathon distance, i am still a “purist” when it comes to finishing it—it is a “weakness” for a runner to walk in a marathon, most especially if he/she is within the average-competitive category. but, we’ll see if i can finish the condura marathon (without any serious training) by following his run-walk-run strategy. but in ultra trail runs, his teachings are valid & acceptable!


  2. benwah

    Purists didn’t like the “Gallowalk” technique. When I returned to running again my coach, preached the run/walk technique. It took me time to adjust but got me back to sub 4 marathons again. Later, I did some adjustments like shuffling my pace into slower mode like intervals. Like Rick, it simply led to the road to ultras.


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