1st FREE Fun Run Report

1. I thought of this idea to conduct FREE Fun Runs for the benefit of the new runners who have the patience to learn the “basics” of running. And at the same time remove from them the burden of paying any registration fee in order to enjoy the benefits of running. It was through this blog that this running event was known as I decided not to request from my good friend, Jinoe & Quennie of takbo.ph, to post this in the List of Races. However, on the day before the event, a certain “boy kuripot” at www.boykuripot.blogspot.com reposted my blog about the FREE Fun Run. Thanks, Boy!

2. Despite having 5-6 scheduled road races in Metro Manila and another Milo Qualifying Race in Batangas City, I decided not to postpone the activity as it was my way of trying to find out the response of my readers to this event. Even with the impending approach of the super-typhoon “Juan”, I made it a point not to be deterred with such development about the weather as I knew the course of the typhoon will not greatly affect Metro Manila on Sunday. I’ve been consistent with my events—it was always been RAIN or SHINE and no posponement/cancellation of event

3. At 5:00 AM of Sunday, a group of cyclists from the AFP, led by the Chief of Staff, AFP, were having their warm-up exercises for their regular “Bike For Peace” activity. This is a physical activity of the Officers and Men of the AFP based in Camp Aguinaldo which is composed of cyclists and they conduct their workout around Metro Manila with the slogan, “Bike For Peace”. After these cyclists left the GHQ Grandstand at 5:40 AM, it was our time to conduct the activities for the FREE Fun Run.

Group of 32 Runners Attended The 1st FREE Fun Run

4. A group of 32 runners joined the 1st FREE Fun Run. It was a combination of runners coming from the ST Microelectronics Running Club from Los Banos, Laguna; AFP Officers and their dependents; some takbo.ph members; new runners; ex-PMA cadets; and “first timers” in Camp Aguinaldo whom I had a chance to talk to. After a short welcome remarks, I led the stretching exercises and we were off on the road for our 8K Fun Run.

5. For the faster runners, it was a tempo run for them. For the “first timers” in Camp Aguinaldo, it was a tour experience for them as they were able to see the different structures and buildings inside the camp. The hilly portion at the back of the camp was a challenge to the new runners. In less than one hour, all the runners were back at the Grandstand and they were given bottled water and their copy of their Certificate of Finish for the run. Everyone had their own post-stretching exercises after they crossed the finish line. A digital clock was displayed at the Grandstand for the runners to see as soon as they cross the Finish Line.

6. I conducted a post-briefing for everybody as I accounted for all the runners. I announced that all FREE Fun Runs will be conducted at Camp Aguinaldo as my request for the use of the Philippine Army’s Grandstand & Parade Ground was disapproved due to activities being held in the said place on Sundays. Well, the “decision makers” at the Philippine Army did not see my “vision” for conducting FREE Fun Runs in their “turf” as I wanted more of their dependents and the involvement of the civilian sector in exposing the youths in 3K or shorter distance runs. I really wanted these runs at Fort Bonifacio to be short, quick, and fast as the whole activity should be finished within an hour. If the runs start at 6:00 AM, the activity should be finished before 7:00 AM.

Jeff Tamayo of POC Delivering A Short Lecture

7. The runners were fortunate to have my friend, Mr Jeff Tamayo, the ASIAN President of the Soft Tennis Sports Federation and member-officer of the Philippine Olympic Committee, who was a part of the Disaster Readiness Display activity in preparation for the incoming Super Typhoon “Juan” being held at the GHQ Parade Ground. He conducted a short lecture to all the runners on Sports Nutrition. The brief and concise lecture of Mr Tamayo was very constructive and helpful to all the runners. Thanks, Jeff for that “on the spot” lecture!  

8. Before 8:00 AM, the activity was terminated after some photo-ops with the runners. To all the runners and supporters, thank you very much and I hope more of our new runners will join these FREE Fun Runs.

Group Picture After The Event

5 thoughts on “1st FREE Fun Run Report

  1. rotech888

    Mr. Jovie, thnks for the free run. The truth is, I was the one who requested for the operator of Pinoyfitness.Com to post your project on his website. I was surprised with the turnout. It was really a fun run and am looking forward for another one in November or December.


    1. kingofpots

      rotech, thanks for the initiative of requesting pinoyfitness to post my running events/activities. henceforth, the free fun runs will be conducted at a monthly basis at camp aguinaldo. updates will be posted in my blog and will have to request pinoyfitness to repost them also in his site. i hope more runners will attend such events. thanks!


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