Running Lecture @ WRIGLEY Phils., Inc.

Mike Panlaqui, a passionate runner, is the HR Head of Wrigley Philippines, Inc and he is a regular visitor of this blog. If I can still remember right, he posted his first comment to this blogsite and sent me an e-mail when I was asking for journals and documents that will attest and support the claims of past multi-day runners of running along the different islands of the country. He revealed to me that he was once a part of the Planning Group of the GOMBURZA which was a group of priests and laymen who did those multi-day running events in the country.

It is unfortunate that he does not know if GOMBURZA had a daily journal on those multi-day runs. What he knew were the schedules and arrangements made for the runners before they started their multi-day runs from Manila.

In one of our exchanges of e-mails, he invited me to conduct a running lecture and clinic to the personnel of Wrigley Philippines’ Corporate Office which is located at the Bonifacio Global City. The running lecture and clinic was conducted o/a 4:00 PM on September 22, 2010. Mike’s overall objective in this lecture is for him to organize their corporate office’s running club and for its officers, staff, and personnel to adhere to a healthy and active lifestyle through running. 

Mike Panlaqui's Introduction to the Running Lecture
"George Sheehan" of the Philippines?

After the running lecture, the participants were encouraged to perform the different stretching exercises which we advised them to do before and after their running workout. The members of the Elite Team Bald Runner led and demonstrated the different stretching exercises.

Stretching Exercises After The Lecture

Aside from the stretching exercises, we also demonstrated to the participants important running “drills” which they could do before they do some “speed” training workouts at he Oval Track or during their running workouts. The lecture room was very spacious for the said “drills”.

Running "Drills" Inside The Lecture Room

What is good about the timing and scheduling of this corporate’s running lecture is that, Mike made it a point to conduct this activity during the company’s quarterly celebration of the employee’s birthday for the 3rd quarter of the year. It means that we were able to partake of the food and drinks for the party.

Group Picture For The Future "Wrigley's Running Club"

To conclude the event, Mike and the rest of the staff of the company had a group picture, presented to us some “gifts” and support to my Elite Team BR, and be a part of their quarterly birthday party celebration.

To Mike and Wrigley Phils, Inc, thank you very much for the warm reception and interest in spreading the benefits of running to your officers, staff and employees. Please continue supporting our elite athletes in long distance running.


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