Tuck In Or Tuck Out?

Do you tuck in your running singlet/shirt when you run, whether in a training or in a race, or not?

Having been in the military, we ran with our shirt tucked-in with our running shorts for uniformity sake and for better appearance when running in formation. I guess, the norm is that, if you run with your running shorts, it is better to tuck-in your shirt or singlet.

In the early 80s when I started to seriously train myself to run in road races, I always see to it that I tuck-in my shirt or singlet whenever I run. This was a practice that was a must. This was the same observation I had with the world’s elite runners as I saw them in runner’s magazines. I have the same observation with the Kenyans and Ethiopian runners in the past Olympic Games and other IAAF World Championship Meets. The following pictures were example of world’s elite marathon runners in action in one of the famous marathon races in the world.

World's Elite Marathon Runners in the 80s (Google's Images)
Alberto Salazar In The 1980 New York City Marathon (Google's Images)

 However, things had changed lately. For the past 2 1/2 years that I’ve been to road races, I’ve seen a lot of runners with their shirts and singlets tucked-out from their shorts. Some of the world’s elite runners have also been in this kind of fashion trend.

Usain Bolt With His 2008 Olympics 100-Meter Dash World Record (Getty Images)
Samuel Wanjiru's Gold Medal Finish in the 2008 Beijing Olympics (Photo by Xinhua)

Last March when I participated in the 2010 Jeju Island Ultramarathon Race, I had a chance to visit an ASICS Store. While I was trying to fit one of its running apparel, the sales lady told me to tuck-out the singlet that I was wearing. She said (through her language & hand signs) that I should wear the singlet tucked-out from my shorts! At first, I was surprised and uncomfortable going against the norm that I was used to.

For the past weeks, I’ve been trying to run with my shirt/singlet tucked-out from my running shorts and try to study the difference from my runs if I tuck-in my shirt. It seems that there is no difference at all. But with a slight difference though. My running socks and shoes tend to be wet with my perspiration faster than when I am wearing my shirt tucked-in.

The best would be running like this…

Anton Krupicka @ 2010 Miwok 100 (Photo: http://www.ultralive.net)

But you’ll be surprised that running at The Fort, the usual running places in Manila and other private areas outside Metro Manila without a singlet (half-naked) is not allowed. It’s corny and no proper explanation had been given except that it is not allowed because the place is a private property.

Tuck In, Tuck Out, or Half-Naked…the choice is yours!


6 thoughts on “Tuck In Or Tuck Out?

  1. Hi Bald Runner!

    I’m for running half-naked! It saves on laundry.. and contributes to an even tan.

    Yeah, it sucks how the powers-that-be prohibit topless athletes and runners. It’s a good way of cooling off, especially after a hard workout. They used to allow that in Rizal years ago. Now they don’t.


  2. fanaticinformant

    Hay… I also love running half-naked! Near the finish line of Nature Valley Run I took off my heavy shirt! I hope to run most of the next BDM half-naked and I agree with Hurdler49 that it gives an even tan. Besides, aren’t we suppose to get enough sunlight throughout our entire body or something?


  3. ericssoc

    i think running singlets today are designed to be untucked. the new moisture-wicking fabrics eliminated the bad “sweat funnel” to our shorties. i keep them tucked naman on LSDs kasi that’s when i need to wear a hydration belt. running topless? dapat yata mag-ipon muna ako ng “anim na pandesal”.


  4. sundaywarrior

    I used to follow this practice 3 years ago or more, the usual short shorts (I still have them) and tucked singlet, the thing is, most of them now run untucked with long shorts so I was left with no choice but to go with the flow unless elite runner ka talaga who breaks PR’s coz i’ts really these runners who still wear it tucked in..


  5. i2runner

    Sir Jovie, you’re right about the fort not allowing half-naked running in Bonifacio High Street. I’ve been scolded there already. I demanded explanation from the guards, but they seem to have the “obey first, complain later” attitude.


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