“Never Stop Running”

For the past days, I’ve been looking into a mountain range just one kilometer away from where I am writing this post and I’ve had the urge to climb and run through its trails but I hesitated because I am alone and I wanted to have a “guide” who is a local in the place. I’ve been to this place a lot of times but I am always enchanted with the mountains. If not for the heat of the summer and unfamiliarity of the place, I could have proceeded with my plan to locate the trails being used by the hunters and locals in the area. I heard they can still hunt for “wild pigs” and other wild animals in the place.

Don’t think that I am starting to train for my future mountain trail race or maybe, inspired by the stories of the finishers and non-finishers of the latest TNF 100 Race in Baguio City-Benguet last weekend. I am just fascinated by the stories of runners I happen to browse into their blogs and entries in social networking sites in the Internet.

Let me take the example of Anton Krupicka who had just finished his “Green Mountain Project”—running on the peak of Green Mountain in Boulder, Colorado everyday until he reached to 100 times. He did it in 92 days since January of this year, averaging at least 15-17 miles every time he runs before he goes to his work as an Instructor/Professor in one of the Colleges near his residence. Come to think that the mountain is covered with snow since he started with his project. By May 1, he will be competing the Miwok 100K in California. This will be his first mountain trail race since he DNFed in last year’s Leadville 100-Mile Trail Race which he won in the previous years.

There is another guy, Martin Parnell, one of my “friends” at www.dailymile.com who just ran his Marathon #72 for the past 72 days! That is, he completes one marathon distance run everyday. He will attempt to run 250 marathons for this year.

Dean Karnazes would run as much as 3X everyday in order to prepare himself for his first 100-Mile Trail Race at Western States Endurance Run. More miles had to be completed and covered when he prepared for his 1st Badwater Ultramarathon.

Being a passionate runner, I am thinking of coming up also with my own running project. Maybe, I could do another “Adventure Run” again this second quarter of the year after finishing my first “Adventure Run” last February which I consider my accomplishment for the First Quarter of this year. Or maybe, think of running up to the peak of the mountain range infront of me for the next 100 days or so? That would be fun and a nice story to post in this blog.

There are so many possibilities; many options; more places to run; and more running “projects” to think of.

But I never thought that running should be used for political ends! Running will always remain as a “way of life”; a “sports” where anybody could excel and be the Best; and the most inexpensive way to stay healthy and active.

“Never Stop Running”.

P.S. Finally, the “guide” just arrived and I am about to start my exploration to the mountain range infront of me!


2 thoughts on ““Never Stop Running”

  1. I know how you feel. I’ve been enchanted by mountains since I started running on trails. They are such a challenge. The view from the top is usually inspiring too.

    Some of us have been talking about Anton’s scheduled appearance at this years Miwok 100k. His reputation precedes him. I’ve never seen him run in person and I should get my chance this weekend. There is a long “down and back” section in the race and I look forward to seeing him and other elites rush by as they head back towards the start/finish line. He is strong and fast and so are the other elites planning to start the race on Saturday.


  2. eightdreams

    so timing..i just stop running the mountain on the 118th days here in Old Machurian Cold Country of China….

    finally my right foot gave up…busted heel, forefoot and ankle …
    i guess a i earned a day off of a Running Holidays Rest 😀


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