Random Thoughts (While I am Resting)

1. The Head of a “sensitive” Enforcement Agency of the government contacted me and wanted me to be back to serve the government again! It will be a tough decision to choose between running and serving the people.

2. I wonder why the “Head” or “Director” had to look for my whereabouts and offered me a position and responsibility anywhere in Luzon.

3. The Press Secretary of the Executive Department, at the age of 51, died yesterday morning due to heart attack. I wonder if our leaders have any time to exercise while they are on their duty of serving the people. I heard he smokes, too!

4. My previous post was not a review but it was an advertisement for the Front Runner Magazine. So, if you bought a copy of the magazine because of my post, then my post was an advertisement.

5. My next post about the Front Runner Magazine will be entitled, Critique: Front Runner Magazine. This is the time I will criticize the “form and substance” of the said publication. Whatever I will write on this post will surely improve the magazine.

6. I’ve been monitoring the whereabouts of  Tomas Leonor aka Step Juan since the time he left Pagupud, Ilocos Norte last January 11. As of today, he is now in Candon, Ilocos Sur. If I am not mistaken, that is about 240-kilometer distance from the place he started walking.

7. Step Juan has a website but as of today it is down and not operating. Tomas Leonor can only be montitored through Twitter. Well, in his tweets, he says that he is here and there; that he is being joined by other walkers; and he has these more kilometers to go before he reaches his destination for the day. He seems to be enjoying his walk, the scenery, and the support of the people along the way.

8. I still wish that he should post, at least, a picture in every city or municipality that he passed in his website. I am not doubting the capability of Tomas Leonor aka Step Juan to be walking from where he started up to his finish line but a simple evidence (picture or video) to prove that he is really walking “on-real time” would be nice.

9. This brings me to my plan of having a multi-day stage run on my own at my own pace without supporting any charity group. If I need to raise funds through this run, the funds should go to support the training of my Elite Running Team. As they say, “Charity begins at Home”.

10. In the first place, a multi-day/stage run is very expensive. The planning & preparation need a thorough and detailed programming in terms of hydration, food intake, place to rest/sleep, the number of shoes needed, washing and drying of running apparel, and documentation. Aside from your needs as the runner, you have to prepare also for the needs of your support vehicle and support crew.  

11. But believe me, you will be surprised that there will be motorists or plain “watchers” and witnesses along the way who will be generous to provide you with the much-needed accommodation, food, cash, and words of encouragement.

12. I think it is “over-acting” if you say you do this feat to raise money and funds for a certain charity group. Whether it is education or health or social-related endeavor/problems, there are so many government entities, non-government organizations and clubs/foundations that advocate helping other people with such problems. Instead of running or walking, just “knock” on the doors of these offices!

13. If you are desperate in trying to raise funds for the charity of your choice, try asking from the politicians who are running for election this year.

14. In sports, have you heard of a Non-Government Organization (NGO) or Club/Foundation that alleviates the present condition of our sports? POC & the different Sports Federations? I hope they are helping on the improvement of our sports.

15. So if you have plans to accomplish a feat and raise some funds, it would be better if such funds will end up for the training of our athletes.

16. Better yet, is to just run, have fun and enjoy the scenery along the route!!!

17. Lastly, I have “reserve” slots for this year’s BDM 102 to ultra runners Cesar Guarin, Father Robert Reyes, Joy Rojas, and Matt Macabe. If you have contact with them, please relay the invitation and their registrations fees are waived.


One thought on “Random Thoughts (While I am Resting)

  1. rayabe

    Hello BR!

    – I’m sure that whatever decision you make, it is for the common good.

    – Looking forward to your multi-day/stage run/adventure

    – Amen to Random thought #16


    P.S. Pardon my ignorance, but during my run last Monday, I noticed the clear sidewalks along Lawton and Bayani – what happened?


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