Arby’s 5K Race In 19:42 Minutes!

26 06 2009

Finally, after going through my my old notes and files dumped in the garage trying to clean all the trashes, I was able to get hold on to a very simple running magazine published in Georgia, USA which I bought in one of the weekend races I attented to during my military schooling in Fort Benning, Georgia. The magazine is entitled “RUNNING IN GEORGIA”, published in May 1984 with a price of One Dollar.

In the said magazine are articles about running in the State of Georgia and the Results of all Running Races for the past months. I bought then the said magazine because my name was listed as one of the finishers of the road races while I was in Georgia.

On March 10, 1984, barely two months after I finished the 1st Infantry Marathon in Fort Benning, Georgia, I joined the Arby’s 5K Race in Columbus, Georgia. As a result of the race, I finished the race in 19:42 minutes with an average pace of 3:56 minutes per kilometer. Out of the 89 Finishers, I was ranked #39 with the Champion runner finishing in 16:09 minutes. I was then about to reach the age of 32 years old and I believe this was the time when I was breaking the 40-minute barrier finish time for the 10K run. Well, those were the days when I was still young! 

By the way, Arby’s is a chain of restaurants featuring roast beef sandwiches. Arby’s was very active in sponsoring 5K & 10K races for the whole State of Georgia during those times.



Misspelled Fist Name But It Was Me!

Misspelled Fist Name But It Was Me!

The 1st Runner Was 3 Minutes Faster!

The 1st Runner Was 3 Minutes Faster!



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26 06 2009

that was some fast running! 😀

26 06 2009

Jovie, it’s neat to find some past records. Sometimes, you never know what you might find. That was definitely a fast time.

26 06 2009

Wow Sir that time was amazing!

26 06 2009

Sir Jovie, you were fast back then, and you are still fast today!

27 06 2009
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27 06 2009

What a phenomenal time Sir Jovie. Agreed with Natz. Ultra fast before, very fast today! 🙂 Thank you for sharing sir, it’s always nice to look back at past feats, at least for nostalgia’s sake.

27 06 2009

Sub 20!!!! That is fast!

27 06 2009

Hi BR,

That’s impressive! Glad you found that magazine and confirmed your 5K PR. You think you’ll be running a 5k soon?


27 06 2009

Wow I hope to be as fast as that. Looks like I have more grains to eat to achieve that feat! (translation: marami pa akong kakaining bigas hahahaa)

The Running Ninja

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