Advise From The Expert: Ultramarathon 101

To my readers and participants in the Bataan 102K Ultramarathon Race to be held on 05 April 2009, I am posting the comment of Ben Gaetos, a Pinoy Ultramarathoner based in Los Angeles, who joined us in our 12-6 “Midnight To Sunrise” Run last Sunday.

Greetings to all,
I had a blast running with all of you. I arrived Friday night and still getting my body to adjust. Shazam…found Run2DMoon run. It’s nice to know that ultramarathon has arrived in the Phils. I was thrilled all the way talking/running with everyone. You’re all on the right track. It’s not the distance that would kill you, it’s the pace that kills. My strategy has always been to start slow (even start my walk early), then slowly pick up my pace.  I also try to divide the distance of the ultra race in 10K segments and finish the race 10K at a time. Ultra is 2/3 physical. The other 1/3 is purely mental toughness. Expect down times. Your mental prep will get you overcome this. Just remember once you enter the dark world of ultras, it would be on your veins forever. It’s difficult but the feeling is priceless at the finish line.


Ben, thanks for the comment/”tips” and we hope to see you again soon. You are invited to join us for the 52K “test run” on February 22 which will start in Balanga, Bataan. It will be nice for the participants to hear some “tips”, advise and experiences from you before we finally start the run.   

(Note: Details of the 52K “test run” will be posted in this blog soon)

3 thoughts on “Advise From The Expert: Ultramarathon 101

  1. Thanks to BR for organizing this Ultra run. Setting a new/different playing field in the running community. My objective this year is to run 100km and 100miles before the year ends.

    And re: Ben’s comment…puede kaya 1/3 physical and 2/3 mental…mas marami akong mental condition eh 😛

    And bakit kaya dark world?…enjoyable naman ang mga extra long runs ah or mental na nga kaya talaga ako (baka madilim lang ang kalsada pag kagabi kaya nasabi nya na dark world ang ultra…MMDA kindly please fix all the sidewalks and lamp post)


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