P.S. Critique For 2009 PSE Bull Run

Additional observations on the 2009 PSE Bull Run:

The Bad

6)   No Kilometer Markings—-Sometimes when you observe that there are no kilometer markings along the route of the race, you immediately conclude that the race organizers are not competitive runners.They could be recreational runners or social runners or let me say, business-minded runners!

7)   Too many turn-around points—I think, this is the only 10K race where I joined with three (3) turn-around points. No strings were given at the first turn-around point at Lawton Avenue where a “cheater” would be tempted to turn left directly to Bayani Road. The second turn-around at the Gate of the Libingan ng mga Bayani is another point where a “cheater” would simply turn left towards the Heritage Park area. On these intersections, I did not see any road marshalls manning these points to prevent “cheaters”.

Final Overall Rating For This Race—-69%

2 thoughts on “P.S. Critique For 2009 PSE Bull Run

  1. Hi BR…a complete,concise and constructive feedback, nice to read those…coming from a guru!

    Keep blogging and running. You may have many callings in this life, but those I’ve mentioned are your expertise.

    God bless you.


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