172 Days: ULTRA Tempo & Easy Runs

5:20 PM 14 October 2008

I did another tempo run at ULTRA Oval Track yesterday afternoon where I was able to cover a distance of 17.10 kilometers. After my stretching routine, I did 12 laps of warm-up run covering a distance of 5.08 kilometers with a time of 27:31 minutes. My average pace was 5:25 mins/km with an Average/Maximum Heart Rate of 142 bpm/151 bpm. I usually do my warm-up run at Lanes 7 & 8.

After drinking water, I did a 12-minute run along Lanes 3 & 4 covering a distance of 2.67 kms (5+ laps) at an average pace of 4:36 mins/km. My Average/Maximum Heart Rate were 156 bpm/161 bpm. One lap of recovery run of about 3 minutes followed and a water break.

Another set of 12-minute run followed covering a distance of 2.52 kms with an average pace of 4:54 mins/km. My Average/Maximum Heart Rate were 151 bpm/162bpm. This was followed with one lap as recovery run and water break.

My last set of 12-minute run covered a distance of 2.65 kms with an average pace of 4:38 mins/km. My Average/Maximum Heart Rate were 156 bpm/161 bpm. This was followed again with one lap recovery run and water break.

After running my third set, I saw Mark FB running few meters from my back and we had some conversation while we were resting. He told me about his latest experience at the Adidas KOTR 21K Race where he was out of form and lacked the necessary training/preparation. Aside from being sick, he told me that he is guilty for not following the principles of “consistency & patience” in training after reading some of my latest posts. He promised to be back in shape in running and we ran together for my “cool-down”, my last 12-minute run. After running for 12 minutes with an average pace of 5:00 mins/km, I asked Mark to go ahead as I was about to end my workout. Honestly, he was running a faster pace than I was! As I peeled off from him, I did another lap which was slower than my average pace with Mark. I was able to cover a distance of 3.01 kms with an average pace of 5:48 mins/km.

After my post stretching and water break, I wore my runner’s cap and snugged my backpack and prepared to run run/jog/brisk walk back to my place. At 9:30 PM, I was already sleeping!

5:55 PM 15 October 2008

There was a thick black cloud forming directly at the Pasig/Mandaluyong area in the late afternoon yesterday and I wanted to have my afternoon running workout at the ULTRA/Philsports Complex. I immediately proceeded to ULTRA and changed to my running outfit with the thought of running at least one hour before it will rain. Luckily, it did not rain last night while I was at the ULTRA Oval Track.

I did an easy run where I made my running time duration pegged to one hour. After my track run, I added 4 repetitions of “stair quick runs” at the cemented bleachers beside the track before I ended my running workout.  While doing my post stretching routine, Coach John and the other coaches and elite athletes approached me to offer their services for an assisted stretching routine which I really needed. For the past weeks, these guys had been giving me such stretching whenever they are around at the oval track. Thanks, Coach John and the rest of the guys!

I met some runners at the oval track—a guy in red running singlet greeted me with “Mr Bald Runner” and I acknowledged him with my hand wave and a smile; a guy who is one of the students of the coaches and intending to run the Singapore Marathon this December; a guy who asked my finish time at the Adidas KOTR 21K race and further asked if my time was a fast one; and lastly, Roselle aka The Running Diva of Happy Feet Runners who introduced herself. I had a nice conversation with Roselle while she was doing her stretching routine. Yes, Roselle, I am already 56 years old and please refrain from addressing me “General”. Just call me Sir Jovie, Manong Jovie (being an Ilocano), BR or Mr Bald Runner.

The following data were taken from my GF 305:

Distance—11.11 kms                    Time—1:00:05 hrs

Average Pace—5:24 mins/km                 Average Speed—11.1 kms/hr

Maximum Speed—14 kms/hr                 Total Calories—817 cal

Average HR—145 bpm                            Maximum HR—155 bpm


One thought on “172 Days: ULTRA Tempo & Easy Runs

  1. ronaldrei

    hello baldrunner! i’m ronald, the guy in the red singlet last night. i wanted to chat with you pero nahihiya akong istorbohin ka. plus, i had a pre-climb meeting for mt. mayon scheduled at 7pm. hope to see you around.

    p.s. i’d like to join bataan102 🙂


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