When I am Not Running…

20 08 2008

…I am cooking! Yes, I am cooking “gout-free” dishes at home. One of the co-nurses of my wife gave fresh ampalaya and tomatoes taken from their home garden and my wife’s relatives from San Francisco gave also leaves of kangkong when we visited them briefly before the San Francisco Marathon.

The following pictures show the Bald Runner cooking some Filipino dishes in California:

This is the hardest part in cooking, preparaing and cutting the ingredients needed for the dish!

It’s time to heat up the stainless wok that my daughter suggested me to use when cooking.

Guisadong Ampalaya ready to be served and…

Adobong Kangkong with Oyster’s Sauce!

It is becoming a “bad habit” and boring in eating foreign dishes here, sometimes in fastfood chains and chinese/american/italian restaurants, which serve food with high cholesterol content and too much in quantity per serving! I have to see to it that I eat a lot of vegetables and prepare them in my own way.

Runner and a Cook? Why not?…Nice combination! Bon Apetit!




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20 08 2008

Are we about to see a new blog of yours….The Bald Chef? 😉

20 08 2008


Pwede… That sounds appetizing. I would really recommend a runner to learn to cook since we have different nutritional needs. Nakakagutom naman nito.

20 08 2008

Good day sir!

I have long been wanting to ask you about your diet. What do you usually eat? (I presume high carb) I’m just curious since I want to be able to run as hard and often as you do. Thank you sir! Keep on Running!


20 08 2008

I hope one day we will get to taste your cooking!

20 08 2008

oh my gulay… i hate ampalaya. (love the kangkong though)
like runstoppable, i was also wondering what exactly do you eat to sustain your long runs. 🙂

21 08 2008

datc, “the bald chef”?…hmm…let me think. it sounds good, but you are giving me an idea. maybe, i’ll make one or two posts of the recipe i am cooking every month to make this blog more interesting. thanks!

jinoe, when i was in the visayas, my favorite chicken dish was “chicken inasal” and i am suspicious that eating too much of this had caused my “gout”. maybe, you can share us with the recipe. thanks!

don, since i discovered that i had a “gout”, my food intake was limited to fish (salmon, tilapia, bangus, & no sardines), vegetables, and carbohydrates. it was only one month ago that i started eating chicken (w/out skin) in small quantity. for my protein, i take a lot of “tofu” as my meat alternative and eggs. my carbo is limited to pasta, pizza, and noodles without pork or beef (pancit canton, sotanghon & rice noodles). for breakfast, i take cereals/oatmeal, toasted bread or pandesal, fried or boiled sweet potato, coffee w/ ginseng (coffee pack from malaysia), and banana. my favorite soup is pancit mami (knorr or supreme) with malunggay leaves! snacks–fresh fruits (apple, pineapple, papaya, mango, banana, avocado) or fried banana. drinks–lots of water. supplementary drinks–ensure or whey protein. i take centrum silver, vitamin C, E, B-complex, iron & gluocosamine/calcium before going to bed. enjoy you runs!

prom, wait till i come back. hahaha!

schlagger, ampalaya cures people with diabetes and the bitter taste makes it more nutritious. please read my answer to don. thanks!

21 08 2008

datc, you make me laugh to read your bright idea =) the content will be the runner’s diet. how is it?

22 08 2008

highaltitude, i was laughing when i read datc’s comment. even my son & daughter were laughing when they read such comment. anyway, i will just make a post about my diet and the recipes i want to cook in the coming days. thanks!

24 08 2008

Shocking! Uncle I never saw you cooking your own food here in Philippines.
Hope when your here I’ll be tasting some of your menus. Regards to Lola Luding, Antie Estrel, Kuya John Paul, and Ate Jovelle. Hugs ang Kisses for Kuya John Happy Birthday. GOD BLESS TO ALL!!!!

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