Tempo Run At The Fort

5:50 AM 13 May 2008 @ The Fort

I treated myself with a tempo run early this morning after getting the information from my son, John, that I am officially registered to run The San Franciso Marathon which will be held on 03 August 2008.

My goal for this marathon is to finish sub-4 hours. This is a tall order to accomplish but with proper preparation and training, I know I could make it.

After stretching, I started my run with a slow pace covering a distance of 6 kms at an average pace of 6:00 mins per kilometer. For the next 6 kilometers,  I increased my pace but the ascending part at the International School area slowed me for a few seconds from my avarage pace. I finished the tempo run for 6 kilometers  with an average pace of 5:15 minutes per kilometer. In my cool-down run, I ran another 8.5 kilometers with an average pace of 6:45 minutes per kilometer. In total, I was able to run 20.5 kilometers this morning.

I used the 4th Global City 10K route, however, I extended my distance by covering the US Cemetery Circle to Robinson’s Condo at Lawton Avenue and did at least 4 times around the BHS big loop. I finished my run at my quarters inside Fort Bonifacio.

Today’s weather was nice for a long run because the rising sun was covered with clouds. It even had some showers during my last 2 kilometers of my cool-down run. 


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