Are These Guys Crazy?

Last Monday evening, while reading the newspapers, I found an advertisement entitled “94K Weekend: Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway Event” to be held on April 18-20. And some of the events to be held on those days are–94K UltraMarathon event; 42K Marathon event; and 10K Run event–all devoted to running. The other events were about cycling, motor biking, and others not related to running. I did not mind about this ads and I just said to my mind that this something new.

When I visited The Bull Runner’s blog, I found out that in one of the comments where I asked “where is the next race ?”, Atty Jon answered my question with a recommendation to run the 94K Marathon on April 20 and he linked the 94K Weekend website in his comment. I checked on the The Bull Runner’s schedule of running events and I found out that she posted it already with the other running events for the month of April.

Checking on the 94K Weekend website, I found out that the events are really scheduled as advertised. Well, my reaction on this was that the guys who thought of including running events on this 94K weekend event were crazy! These Guys Are Really Crazy! Are these guys had experienced running in road races?

Runners are not “super humans” to prepare and join in a 94K UltraMarathon or 42K Marathon event in 19 days!!! They even stated in their brochure on line that the water stations in the marathon event will be positioned every five (5) kilometers!!! What? These people will kill their runners! The registration fee is very cheap to entice runners to join the event but I think this is also a “cheap” running event even if they posted big amount of cash awards for the winners.

Another sign that the marathon is not well-planned is the fact that the marathon event will start at 5:00 AM. The planners/organizers do not know that it is already summer time and the sun rises at 5:45 AM. If they start at 5:00 AM, the runners will be fighting the heat of the sun after running 8 kilometers which is barely 1/5 of the distance. A combination of the heat of the sun and the far distance in between water stations will give serious problems to the runners. Running along an elevated highway/expressway without any trees on the sides or any shade from the sun and with the heat of the sun and the pavement during summer is something “crazy & unbelievable” to think about.

To the planners/organizers of the 94K Weekend, I suggest you do your “homework” properly and plan at least one year ahead.

As for me, I will not join this inaugural rendition of this 94K Weekend running events. 


14 thoughts on “Are These Guys Crazy?

  1. markfb

    Bald Runner,

    Is it okay that I email your comments to the Channel Director of ROX? I’ve met her in the past and might do some seminars with them on kayaking. I believe they should know the mistakes as they have the chance to correct some of it (water stations).



  2. kingofpots

    mark, how i wish my post will land on the table of the president of bcda if this event is under his authority & approval. gen abaya (ret) had been my immediate “boss” when i was the commander of task force zamboanga and he knows me well. it’s my pleasure to let the organizers know about my comments on this event. thanks, mark!


  3. Yeah thats right. They should leave this one to really experienced ultra marathoners. We passed by the road last holyweek and there were no trees to shade the runners. This event could be suicide. And 5am is really too late to do the event. I remember when we ran the Pasig Marathon, we started early 4AM we still get to experience the heat of the sun. How much more for a 94K?


  4. kingofpots

    taki, the 94k ultramarathon starts on the evening of saturday but it will be hot for the runners to finish the race the following day. the 42k marathon schedule will start at 5am and the run rises at 5:45am. the organizers are “courting disaster” on these events and i don’t want any casualties from our runners. thanks for the comment.


  5. runmd

    Hi BR,

    There will be 2 races on April 13: the GK-sponsored 3K, 5K and 10K Bayani Run in MOA and the GMA/QTV-sponsored 5K and 10K On Your Mark Run For A Cause in The Fort.

    What run is worth joining? I am not sure about these sponsors’ past activities but I don’t want to run out of water when I run, like what happened in the mizuno race. Thanks


  6. kingofpots

    mark, thanks for the effort to have my apprehensions reached the organizers.

    runmd, welcome to my site and thanks for the comments and visit. i suggest you join the GMA/QTV-sponsored race event. hope to see you there.


  7. markfb


    Your post on the event produced results! Here’s the reply of Mr. Roel Chan from the Marketing Manager of ROX:

    We have been discussing this with our organizer and we have decided to move to start the race 1 hour earlier. As for the waterstation, we will definitely add more waterstation, shortening their distance from each other. We are aware of what happen on the Mizuno marathon a few days ago and we will definitely take all safety pre-caution. The event is commissioned to a professional team of race organizers whom we have been working with over the years on different The North Face events in the Philippines. We have full confidence in this team and we will definitely back them up with much support and precaution needed to ensure that everyone is safe and will have a favorable experience on the race.

    Thank you for the comment and rest assured we are on our feet to address all issue.


  8. gcmaddela

    water station should be in place every 2.5 kilometer (standard) but in our country and during summer it should be placed every 2kilometer.


  9. kingofpots

    gcmaddela, that’s right! the organizers should know these “basics” in road racing and they are supposed to be runners, too! thanks for the visit & comments.


  10. transitionzero

    Hi BaldRunner,

    Been lurking for quite some time now. Anyway, my friend and I took this as a sign as to not running this race. For one, I called up the organizers to further inquire about the 10k FREE registration. It was too good to be true, a FREE run? Apparently, I have to print out a PDF form, scan it, and email them. It was too tedious, so I didn’t bother.

    Apart from that, the mere fact that it is a free run would attract a whole lot of people. My concern would be logistics-wise, as the influx of runners participating could be quite overwhelming, I reckon.

    It’s good that there are veterans like you who could give sound advice to us novice runners. We don’t want another badly-organized, heatstroke-inducing race.


  11. kingofpots

    marga, thanks for the comment. i am glad that the organizers of the 94K Weekend reacted positively with my post/comments about their events. i am not recommending novice runners to participate in their running events. maybe, it would be better for you to run at Global Run this Sunday. see you there!


  12. transitionzero

    (wow you know my name!)

    Nope, not joining any races until the Pringles Run on May 18th. Will incorporate lots of long runs and hillclimbs these upcoming weekends.

    Looking forward to meeting you in one of the races!


  13. kingofpots

    marga, thanks for the visits. i am one of your visitors in your blog, too! sure, you will not miss me in road races. will be seeing you soon.


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